Suford Lewis, James Schmitz, Anthony Lewis, Angelique Trouvere w68m001.jpeg [13KB]: "Beldan Dress" Made and worn by Suford Lewis, she gives a little background on this costume: "The Beldan Dress is described in about 4 sentences in A Tale of Two Clocks, James Schmitz, worn by Trigger Argee (a main character in the novel). It's made of green velvet ribbons (and 4 largish green velvet 'leaves' - Schmitz forgot there would need to be one behind when he described the dress in a box before Trigger put it on and said there were 3 leaves). I understand that it did not get a prize as one of the judges thought it was too naked and "no costume is no costume." However, at least 3 of the other judges had second or third thoughts and apologized to me afterwards. For The Beldan Dress it was that I wore a satin evening coat (that I got for my High school prom) and no one had any idea what the costume looked like until I took it off in a single movement in the middle of the stage."

Photo by Anthony Lewis
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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