Suford Lewis, Milt Stevens, Angelique Trouvere w68m017.jpeg [51KB]: "Ariel" from A Midsumers Night's Dream as imagined by Suford Lewis who writes,

"... Ariel was supposed to be a boy... artistic license. I won my first masquerade award in that one. This was the 1968 worldcon, which was also my first worldcon. Boy, I was superhuman in my 20's! I was also just married and we were bidding for the the first Noreascon."

She won "...Something like 'most dramatic,' I think. I twirled around tossing a handful of extra sequins in the air that glittered as they came down. Presentations have certainly elaborated since then! Besides that, the sequin toss would violate the current 'nothing left on the stage' rule."

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Scans by Milt Stevens
Information updated by Angelique Trouvere, Angelique Trouvere

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