Astrid Anderson-Hayes, George Barr, Mike Resnick, Angelique Trouvere w70m001.jpeg [28KB]: "The Frog Princess" Astrid Anderson-Hayes admitted to conning artist George Barr into designing this costume.

Since this photo doesn't show the details, I'll quote Astrid here, " was just a matter of making the bikini and veil...There were green and gold melted marbles and large pearls glued to the bikini, and one pound of tiny pearls and one thousand, seven hundred and twenty-eight --(from angee: ok Astrid, now you're just showing off ;)-teeny tiny green rhinestones glued to the veil." She also made the crown from a "silly lamp fixture" and her scepter was a gold & green painted dowel with a plastic water lily on top. George Barr made a sash (not shown here(?) with "froggy medals (The Order of the Lily Pad, Dragonfly with Algae Clusters, etc)" from pieces of his flea market jewelry collection and he also did the body paint! (much thanks to Mike Resnick's "Masquerade" magazine for the info!)

Astrid won "Most Beautiful" at Heidelberg.

Photo by Mike Resnick
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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