Ernst Ellersieck, Stephen Jacobson, Angelique Trouvere w78m002.jpeg [14KB]: The Sun Dancer & Frost Dancer: The Sun Dancer - Ernst Ellersieck as the magnificent Sun Dancer who thrilled the IguanaCon II masquerade audience. He remembers this about his award winning costumes: Marjii made both of the costumes and "supplied the imagination that made the costumes so special, and our stage experience suggested the lighting and choreography - the result was magic. As I unfolded those golden wings as the yellow lights came up and went from a column to a bird with a fifteen foot wingspan and the audience of 3000 started to cheer....I tremble even now to the memory. "

Photo by Stephen Jacobson
From the collection of Ernst & BJ Ellersieck
Information provided by Angelique Trouvere

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