Kathy Sanders, Arthur Rackham, Drew Sanders, Linda Flude, Mike Resnick, Angelique Trouvere w78m004.jpeg [18KB]: "The Mock Turtle, The Gryphon and Alice" Another fabulous Kathy Sanders presentation! She recreated 3 costumes from an illustration of the characters from Alice in Wonderland by Arthur Rackham. (Sadly, there's no photo of the full view of these costumes at this time) Kathy was the Gryphon which consisted of a fur jumpsuit with very long fingers that she created using Styrofoam balls for the knuckles and dowel rods for the fingers. She built the head from a hat form using more Styrofoam which she carved into the shape and covered with feathers. The headpiece was just that and not a mask in that she was able to see from the Gryphon's neck between the feathers. The Gryphon's wings were made using a metal frame covered with fabric and feathers that sat on her shoulders using a harness. Drew Sanders wore the Mock Turtle which was a foam rubber shell that Kathy coated with vinyl to make it smooth. Rob Short, a very talented sculptor, created the Turtle's he ad piece. Stretch fabric and flippers completed the Turtle's legs. Alice was played by Linda Flude and was sort of a last minute addition that Kathy quickly costumed from the Rackham print. This entry won the "Best Fantasy" award.

Photo by Mike Resnick
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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