Gregg Trend, Dick Lynch, Gregg T. Trend w92-203.jpeg [6KB]: Gregg Trend --b. 06281943. Residence: Detroit MI & Los Angeles CA. SF reader since 1950; SF fmz fandom since 1958; Worldcon attendee 1959-1967; 1980-present. Member: MISFiTS 1958-; Wayne 3rd Foundation, 1970; 1978-present. Program Director, AutoClave, 1981. Fanzine panels at Worldcon, 2001. In several APAs since 1959 [OE MIShAP 1981-1986]. Presently (2004)Member#4, The Cult. Professional archivist & graphic designer (non-SF)

Photo by Dick Lynch
Information updated by Gregg T. Trend

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