Kathy Sanders, Drew Sanders, Sandy Cohen, Angelique Trouvere w76m009.jpeg [17KB]: "The King and Queen of Cups" Kathy Sanders designed and made this exquisite couple costume based on the Tarot deck cards for herself and Drew Sanders. Her costume consisted of a metallic bikini bottom and 2 long strips of the fabric. One strip wrapped around her leg and the other, around her torso and over one breast. She covered the other breast with a sequin cup that matched her cape and was grateful again for the wonders of double-sided tape! She attached tons of sequins to both her cape and Drew's tunic and created the large, standing collars from stiff interlining and wire that ran down their backs to hold them up. Kathy also made the crowns and staff she carried but her best accessories were the cups that she and Drew held. Kathy used anatomy kits of a life-size skulls which she glued to a base and decorated with silver lace doilies, rhinestones and sequins. Nice touch! They were awarded "Most Beautiful" for their extravagant display.

Photo by Sandy Cohen
From the collection of Angelique Trouvere

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