Karen Schaubelt-Turner, Angelique Trouvere, Karen Schaubelt w88m021.jpeg [18KB]: "The Stars are my Destination" created and worn by Karen Schaubelt-Turner. The Stars are My Destination started out as a design sketch years prior to NolaCon. At that point in time, it was a vertical finned rocket and was dubbed "the Hugo Headpiece." I had intended a simple gold gown to wear with it.

I realized the original concept would not be "big" enough for Worldcon competition. And I had just seen Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco. So the concept changed to a HUGE hat, with the starship turned horizontal, and spraying an "exhaust" of colored feathers out the back. Then I made a big dress with a whole bunch of rhinestones on the bodice to make it glittery, and hid a drape with a spiral galaxy on it in my skirt.

So it turned from a Hugo tribute costume to a 50's science fiction tribute costume. I grew up reading that stuff. "Stars my Destination" seemed like a good title.

I was 9 feet tall with the headpiece, but that huge stage at NolaCon still swallowed me up. I didn't even get an honorable mention for the costume, although the LOCUS editors mentioned it as something they liked very much.

I later re-did it as a Blake's 7 piece, with the Liberator as the starship, and the Blake's 7 logo coming out of my skirt. The series creator and several of the actors got to see it, and just loved it. Made my day.

Information updated by Angelique Trouvere/Karen Schaubelt

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