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The Science Fiction Fandom WebRing is sponsored by The Florida Association for Nucleation And Conventions (FANAC), Inc., and is intended to provide a gathering place for the Homepages of the many Science Fiction Fan Clubs, Associations, Groups, and Societies that exist in the world today. It is also intended to provide links to Web pages that are devoted to Science Fiction fannish activities, except conventions(1), or to the history of Science Fiction fandom.

Any organization of fans that is primarily interested in Science Fiction in general, or Science Fiction and Fantasy in general, is welcome on this WebRing. Fan groups or web pages that are focused on a single facet of Science Fiction or Fantasy, for example a particular TV series, a specific technique such as Anime, or an individual author or artist, probably belong on one of the other rings that are available for specialized interests. Please take a look at the WebRing Home Page for further details. This ring was created because I could not find an existing ring that seemed appropriate for Science Fiction fan clubs or fan history.

Note 1:
This WebRing is not intended for Science Fiction Conventions. They belong on the Science Fiction Conventions WebRing.

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