Anticipation - August 6-10, 2009 - Publications

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Anticipation - 2009 WorldCon - Publications

Progress Peport 0Progress Report [77KB]Marc DurocherAugust 2007
WSFS Resolutions and Ruling of Continuing EffectReport [52KB]Donald Eastlake III2008
Progress Report 1Progress Report [2MB]Marc DurocherMarch 2008
Progress Report 2Progress Report [2MB]Marc DurocherJuly 2008
HAMC Report v03Report [23KB]
HEROW ResolutionsReport [74KB]Vincent Docherty2009
LaCon IV Financial ReportReport [26KB]
Long List Committee ReportReport [54KB]
Nitpicking and Fly Specking CommitteeReport [80KB]
Progress Report 3Progress Report [4MB]Marc DurocherJanuary 2009
Worldcon Runners Guide Editorial CommitteeReport [59KB]Bill Taylor2009
Progress Report 4Progress Report [3MB]Marc DurocherApril 2009
2007 Archon Financial ReportReport [10KB]
June 29, 2009
Millennium Philcon Financial ReportReport [37KB]
June 30, 2009
MPC Report to CommitteeReport [92KB]
July 2009
Anticipation Financial ReportReport [72KB]
July 2, 2009
Denvention 3 Financial ReportReport [43KB]
July 12, 2009
Aussicon Financial ReportReport [28KB]
August 2009
AnticipationFlyer [226KB]René Walling
Voyageur Issue 1Newsletter [2MB]Mike Scott, Alison Scott, Flick, Sue Mason, Beth Friedman & Lew WolkoffThursday Afternoon
Voyageur Issue 2Newsletter [2MB]Flick, Sue Mason, Jan van't EntThursday Evening
Voyageur Issue 3Newsletter [1MB]Steve Davies, Flick, Jan van't EntFriday Morning
Voyageur Issue 4Newsletter [2MB]Mike Scott, Sue Mason, Pat ReynoldsFriday Afternoon
Voyageur Issue 5Newsletter [2MB]Alison Scott & Sue MasonFriday Evening
Voyageur Issue 6Newsletter [1MB]Flick, Robbie Bourget, Steve Davis & Jan van't EntSaturday Morning
Voyageur Issue 7Newsletter [1MB]Alison Scott, Sue Mason, Jan van't Ent, René, & EugeneSaturday Afternoon
Voyageur Issue 8Newsletter [218KB]Steve Davis & Sue MasonSaturday Evening
Voyageur Issue 9Newsletter [644KB]Alison Scott, Charles Mohapel, Sue Mason, Jan van't Ent & Giulia de CesareSunday Morning
Voyageur Issue 10Newsletter [1MB]Mike Scott, Sue Mason & Jan van't EntSunday Afternoon
Voyageur Issue 11Newsletter [366KB]Flick & Jan van't EntSunday Evening
Voyageur Issue 12Newsletter [2MB]Mike Scott, Flick, Charles Mohapel, Sue Mason & Jan van't EntMonday Morning
Voyageur Issue 13Newsletter [596KB]Steve Davis, Mike Scott, Flick, Alison Sott, Jan van't Ent & Sue MasonMonday Afternoon

Anticipation - 2009 WorldCon - Business Meeting Materials

WSFS Constitution 2008 ENDocument [140KB]Donald Eastlake IIIAugust 2008
WSFS AgendaAgenda [142KB]René Walling2009
WSFS Standing RulesDocument [85KB]Donald Eastlake III2009

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