Chicon V 1991 WorldCon

Part 1 General Photos 1

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At each Worldcon, the Australian Lemmings hold a reunion.
w91-002.jpeg[26KB] [Updated]
A Lemmings Reunion Party. The Lemmings travelled to Aussiecon 2 together.
Blond, fun and topped with a french accent
Gay Haldeman checks the schedule with ???.
w91-005.jpeg[63KB] [New]
View from the hotel of a muggy, foggy day in Chicago
w91-006.jpeg[74KB] [New]
The Pro Gallery
w91-007.jpeg[66KB] [New]
Dealers Room, with Beth Zipser and Mike Zipser standing
w91-008.jpeg[75KB] [New]
Dealers room crowd
w91-009.jpeg[71KB] [New]
Worldcon Exhibits
w91-010.jpeg[31KB] [New]
The Chicon V Hugo, the one and only plastic Hugo

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