Chicon V 1991 WorldCon

Part 2 General Photos 2

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w91-011.jpeg[39KB] [New]
Charlie Ryan (editor of Aboriginal) and Mary Ryan
w91-012.jpeg[35KB] [New]
Howard Frank in the dealers room.
w91-013.jpeg[73KB] [New]
The NESFA table in the dealers room
w91-014.jpeg[52KB] [New]
The MagiCon table
w91-015.jpeg[29KB] [New]
Joe Siclari at his dealers room table
w91-016.jpeg[79KB] [New]
The NESFA table in the dealers room
w91-017.jpeg[42KB] [New]
Mike Sinclair
w91-018.jpeg[61KB] [New]
Pro Portrait Gallery
w91-019.jpeg[63KB] [New]
ConFrancisco table, with Chairman Dave Clark visible in the center

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