Interaction - August 4-8, 2005 - Publications

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Interaction - 2005 WorldCon - Publications

Armadillo Dreams #1Newsletter [1MB]Steve Cooper, Kathy Taylor, Madeline Campbell Jewett, Dave RossSpring 2003
Progress Report #1Progress Report [4MB]
August 2003
Armadillo Dreams #2Newsletter [2MB]Steve Cooper, Kathy Taylor, Madeline Campbell Jewett, Dave RossSpring 2004
Progress Report #2Progress Report [4MB]
August 2004
Progress Report #3Progress Report [3MB]
December 2004

Progress Report #4Progress Report [4MB]
April 2005
The Emerald City Guide to GlascowGuide Book [174KB]Cherl MorganJune 2005
Armadillo Dreams #3Newsletter [2MB]Steve Cooper, Kathy Taylor, Madeline Campbell Jewett, Dave RossSummer 2005
ION TrailsSpecial [2MB]Kevin StandleeAugust 2005
Board & Committe Members & AgentsSheet [123KB]Vincent Docherty & Colin Harris
Guests of HonorSheet [91KB]Vincent Docherty & Colin Harris
Membership FormSheet [87KB]Vincent Docherty & Colin Harris
Membership RatesSheet [171KB]Vincent Docherty & Colin Harris
The 63rd World Science Fiction Convention...Poster [289KB]Vincent Docherty & Colin Harris
Complete Voting StatisticsReport [162KB]Paul Dormer
Convention GuideGuide Book [17MB]

Hugo Nomination DetailsReport [87KB]Paul Dormer
Splitting InfintySouvenir Book

The Port AuthorityNewsletter [125KB]John Dowd, Fran Dowd, et alThursday 14:00
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [111KB]Zara Baxter, Jan van't Ent, Kris Lovekin, Alex McLintock, Pat VirziThursday 18:00
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [117KB]Wilf James, Laurie Williams, Kris Lovekin, Zara Baxter, Dani DoyneFriday 10:00
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [114KB]Lisa Lanergren, Michael NelsonFriday 14:00
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [151KB]John Dowd, Fran Dowd, Simon Deam, Laura Wheatly, et alFriday 18:00
MasqueradeProgram Book [1MB]

The Port AuthorityNewsletter [38KB]Zara Baxter, Tom Becker, Jan van't Ent, Neyir Cenk GökçeSaturday 10:00
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [65KB]Wilf James, Lucia Bibolini, Laurie Williams, Kris Lovekin, Zara Baxter, Alex McLintock, Neyir Cenk GökçeSaturday 14:00
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [36KB]Tom Becker, Michael Nelson, Jan van't Ent, et alSaturday 18:00ish
Hugo Award WinnersReport [49KB]Paul Dormer
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [128KB]John Dowd, Fran Dowd, Jan van't Ent, Lucia Bibolini, et alSunday 10:00
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [95KB]Zara Baxter, Ton Becker, Jan van't Ent, Lisa LagergrenSunday 14:00
The Port Authority - Masquerade WinnersNewsletter [361KB]Lucia Bibolini, Jan van't Ent, Paul Holroid, Lisa Lagergren, Michael NelsonSunday 15:00
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [67KB]Lucia Bibolini, Neyir Cenk Gökçe, Wilf James, Cameron TaylorSunday 18:00
The Port Authority - Hugo WinnersNewsletter [85KB]John Dowd, Fran Dowd, Steve CooperSunday 22:00
Hugo Awards CeremonyProgram Book [25MB]

The Port AuthorityNewsletter [107KB]Lucia Bibolini, Michael NelsonMonday Morning
The Port AuthorityNewsletter [109KB]John Dowd, Fran Dowd, Zara Baxter, Alex McLintock, Jan van't entMonday PM

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