MidAmeriCon - September 2-6, 1976 - Publications

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MidAmeriCon - 1976 WorldCon - Publications

Bullsheet #0, page 1NewsletterLinda Bushyager
Bullsheet #0, page 2NewsletterLinda Bushyager
Bullsheet #1Newsletter [5MB]Linda Bushyager
Bullsheet #2Newsletter [3MB]Linda Bushyager
Bullsheet #3Newsletter [3MB]Linda Bushyager
Hugo Results page 3Hugo ResultsKen KellerSeptember 5, 1976
Bullsheet #4Newsletter [3MB]Linda Bushyager
Hugo Results page 1Hugo ResultsKen KellerSeptember 5, 1976
Hugo Results page 2Hugo ResultsKen KellerSeptember 5, 1976
Bullsheet #5Newsletter [3MB]Linda Bushyager

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