compiled by Garth Spencer (last update: Jan. 21, 1997)

(Corrections and additions to this bibliography are very welcome; please e-mail me at hrothgar@vcn.bc.ca. More resources, as indicated, are listed at Chaz Baden's Web page, Chris O'Shea's, and the SF-Lovers page.)

Association of Science Fiction Artists: 1988 Via Appia, Walnut, CA 94598. Dues: $24/yr (Cdn).

Chaz Baden (P.O. Box 1792, Redondo Beach, CA 90278) (e-mail hazel@netcom.com) maintains a fannish Web site, now at http://sflovers.rutgers.edu/Web/SFR G/. He also maintains a bibliography of conrunning resources online at http://ddb.com/smofs/smofs.html.

Baden, Chaz. "Daily Newszine Baby Steps Steps" 1994/1995, or "Daily Newszine Baby Steps #1-6". Available at http://ddb.com/smofs/howto-news zine95.txt (as listed in Con- Running Bibliography links, Chaz Baden's page).

Chaz Baden also annotated and re-edited Erwin Strauss's Con Committee's Guide ( http://ddb.com/smofs/filthy.pierre), and has been collecting other information on conrunning. His edition of the Guide was formatted in WordPerfect 6.0, if that helps you.

Baycon Bible, 1992. "Based on the ConCom Guides done by Chris Meredith in 1981 and Howard Scrimgeour in 1988." Available at http://ddb.com/smofs/howto-baycon92.tx t.

BCSFAzine (esp. #140 onwards). A source on British Columbia fans' convention policy & history, recommended by Ed Beauregard. For back issues of BCSFAzine, write to R. Graeme Cameron, #110 - 1855 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1J1.

Larry Baker (16640 31st Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98188-3103) and Paul Carpentier (1245 Toledo St., Bellingham, WA 98226) were prevailed upon to write a Westercon staff manual for Westercon 44 (1991). I have a copy but you may be able to work up something better. Larry Baker is heading a current Seattle bid for Westercon; Paul Carpentier also has had much to do with Washington conventions, specifically Viking Cons.

Beauregard, Edward. Inside from the Inside (1985). Ed Beauregard's only fanzine, a one-shot detailing some drawbacks to the management of V-Con 5 and Westercon XXX.

Leroy Berven (3744 S.W. 97th St., Seattle, WA 98126-4033) is associated with Seattle fandom and Norwescon. He expressed some valuable opinions on convention-running at an Orycon panel he co- hosted with Andrew Nisbet.

Boskone Web page - see NESFA (below)

Boston in 2001 Web page - see Sharon Sbarsky (below)

Brandt, Richard (4740 N. Mesa #111, El Paso, TX 79912). e-mail RichBrandt@aol.com. Richard Brandt has been a congoer, fanzine contributor and concom member since the early 1980s. He is involved with the current Lone Star Con.

----. "Care and Feeding of Television Crews and Other Exotic Beasts: a Flack's Guide". Con Games, May 1987.

----. "50 Simple Ways to Destroy Your Next Convention", Texas SF Inquirer #34, pp. 3-4, -- 1991.

Brialey, Claire. "Press Depress". in Conrunner #20, Nov. 1995. A review of press relations at Intersection.

Business Traveller's Handbook: A Guide to the United States and Canada. New York, NY: Paddington Press, Ltd. All you want to know (especially if you're a business traveller) about hotels, airflight, etc. (Similar guides available from the same publisher about other areas of the globe.)

"Canadian Meetings and Taxes: Tax Facts for Meeting Planners." Con-TRACT 3:5, Sept/Oct 1991. (Relates to Canada's federal General Sales Tax. Should be available in public libraries.)

Carver, John. Boards Make a Difference. A good boilerplate constitution for conventions or clubs, with optional paragraphs. Recommended by John Mansfield in Con-TRACT 7:4, Jul/Aug 1995.

Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide. Chicago, IL: Rand McNally & Co. (annual)

Con-Notations, Box 62613, Phoenix, AZ 85082-2613, U.S.A. A quarterly fanzine from the CASFS; formerly Congames, a fanzine devoted to convention running articles. US$2.50 each, $5/year. ($9 to Canadians.)

Conrunner, c/o Ian Sorensen, 7 Woodside Walk, Hamilton, Scotland, ML3 7HY, U.K. Selected articles ("The Best of Conrunner") and a final issue (following Intersection) are to be posted shortly on the same Web site as Ansible. To contact Ian Sorensen directly, email to ian@soren.demon.co.uk.

Cons and Shell Games. Queries are in progress now to find out who edited this, when and where, and seek permission to reprint some articles as Web page posts.

Con-Temporal, a new convention listing fanzine. Pegasus Publishing, S. Mitchel Merritt, 2501 W. Sublett #890, Arlington, TX 76017-5461, U.S.A. Tel (817) 467-0681.
E-mail pegasus@bab.com or pegasus@cyberramp.net. Subscription: $20/year.

Con-TRACT, John Mansfield ed., 321 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3B 3A4 *OR* 340 Ellice Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3B 3A4. A periodical listing of upcoming SF, comics and gaming conventions in Canada.
Also email J.Mansfield4@genie.com.

The Conventioneer - see Northwest SF Convention League (below)

Conventions and Meetings Canada, 72 Wellington St. W., Suite 207, Markham, Ont. L3P 1A8.

Cornell Law School Website: Repository for text of laws on copyright, trademark and Americans with Disabilities Act, which have concerned conventions increasingly: http://www.law.cornell.edu/lii. table.html. See especially http://www.law.cornell.e du:80/topics/copyright.html, and /trademark.html.
* Alternatively (Gopher): gopher://gopher.law.cornell.edu.

Daniels, Walt (Indianapolis). Daniels produced at Chicon some shareware for artists exhibiting at conventions. Write him at Box 1605, Indianapolis, IN 46206; his price was not announced.

Del Rey Books: For information on their authors (e.g. speaking engagements, or through whom to contact them), link to gopher://gopher.panix.com/11/DRB.

Dennis, Scott and Jane. Former editors of Jane's Fighting SMOFs; hucksters today, and proprietors of Fo'Paws Productions.

Drache, Kay and Lydia Nickerson (Minneapolis). "Project Brain Suck". A questionnaire for Minicon concom towards a new Big Book of Minicon (1996). Sample available at http://www.vcn.bc.ca/sig/ rsn/cons/brainsuk.html.

Fandom Association of Central Texas (FACT):
FACT's web page URL is http://www.fact.org. The e-mail address for the FACT Board of Directors is "board@fact.org".
The main maintainer is shiva@fact.org (or shiva@io.com), also know as Earl Cooley III.
(update from A. T. Campbell, III, member of the FACT Board of Directors and David W. Berry.)

Farr, Bruce. (Box 27201, Tempe, AZ 85285, U.S.A., as at 1994; home address is 1575 E. Cheery Lynn Rd., Phoenix, Arizona 85014, U.S.A., as at April 1996.) Former editor of Con Games, since retitled Con-Notations (a publication of the Central Arizona SF Society). Under his editorship in the mid-1980s, Con Games featured a number of invaluable articles on conrunning, some directed at Worldcons, some at media cons and some useful for any conventions. By Westercon 44 he was involved in administering site voting. In 1994 he was involved with ConAdian Programming.

----. "Convention Organizer's Checklist" (version of 1/12/87), Con Games #3, May 1987.

----. "On Convention Bidding (Finances)", Con Games #4, November 1987.

----. "Steps in Starting a Media Convention" (Version of 12/15/86, copyright (c) by M. Bruce Farr, 12/9/86). Con Games #4, Nov. 1987.

File 770 has been for years a fanzine journal of record for most of fandom. (In recent years it has tended to concentrated on Worldcon-related news.) Mike Glyer ed., Box 1056, Sierra Madre, CA 91025-4056, U.S.A.
e-mail M.Glyer@genie.com. See especially a fairly recent article on the difficulty of projecting a Worldcon's profits (or losses).

Finkbiner, Michael (Moscow, ID). A timeline for running Moscon (a small local convention), with detailed descriptions of departmental duties. May or may not be available today; a disk version was kept on a hard drive which crashed, and my hardcopy vanished years ago.

Don Fitch (3908 Frijo, Covina, California 91722) FitchDonS@aol.com has been a fanzine correspondent and Southwest congoer for years.

Fodor's Canada. Toronto, ON: General Publishing Co. Ltd. (annual) (Background information and practical information (hotels, transportation, restaurants ...)

Hanchar, Steve. (Milwaukee.) Hanchar offers shareware for organizing artshows. Write him at 2813 North 49th, Milwaukee, WI 53210. This shareware is formatted for IBM XT's on up, and may interface with registration databases. (It isn't networkable, though.) It would be nice to send him $15 to cover costs.

Higginson, Frances. "On Site Registration" (Unpublished; Sept. 1992).
Frances Higginson (112 - 3883 Laurel, Burnaby, B.C. V5G 4M8, tel [604] 438-9545), email fancy@wimsey.com has several years' involvement in Registration for V-Cons.

"Hotel Contract 101". Con-TRACT 8:1, Jan/Feb 1996. The basic realities - get it in writing, don't keep it in your head, don't expect to deal with the same hotel staff even six months from first meeting.

Hotel & Motel Red Book. New York, NY: American Hotel Association Directory Corporation. (annual) Lists hotels and motels alphabetically by city and state; gives information about numbers of rooms, location, tel. nos., rates.

ITT Sheraton offered in 1991 and 1992 both a 64-page guide to running conferences and conventions, and the Automated Guide for Meeting Planning, a DOS-based shareware for organizing your planning on computer. This shareware came in zipped format on either 5.5" or 3.5" disks, and required at least 640K of RAM. (The most important part of this program resembles a GANTT or PERT chart.)
QUESTION: Is this program still available? I have called (617) 367- 5310 (toll-free 1-800-323-1847 from Canada), and written the Advertising and Marketing Programs Coordinator (North America), ITT Sheraton, 60 State Street, Boston, MA 02109, U.S.A. (In 1991-92 this person was Allison Scherry O'Reilly.) I have not received a satisfactory reply since 1994.

Saul Jaffe's The SF-Lovers site includes some reference material on running conventions.

Jansen, Philip (3135 S.W. Florida St., Portland, OR 97219). (e-mail philj@wombat.pen.tek.com). Has often worked the audiovisual department at Orycon; gave me a short writeup on A/V Tech department timeline, for Orycon (Portland, OR).

Langford, Dave, ed. Ansible. 94 London Road, Reading, Berks. RG1 5AU U.K. fax 01734 669914. e-mail: ansible@cix.compulink.co.uk. Available for SAE or drunken whim.

Lawrence, Richard <70233.1737@compuserve.com> is working on a program now renamed ConTrak, a Convention Tracking application developed in Paradox. Lawrence wrote in 1994: "The DOS version exists only for the Registration Department, although the Programming Division branch was developed by Tom Becker enough to be used for ConFrancisco.... I am currently rewriting ConTrak in Paradox for Windows." Further developments should eventually be posted on Chaz Baden's Web page.

Mann, Laurie. Problems That Can Plague a Worldcon, 1995. Available at http://worcester. lm.com/lmann/fan/worldconproblems.html (as listed in Con-Running [Worldcon] links, Baden page).

Macintyre, A. "Thoughts on Cincinnati Game Con", 1995. An excerpt from Al Macintyre's correspondence, posted with his permission at this Web site.

The Mad 3 Party:
"You might also mention that Leslie Turek edited The Mad 3 Party for Noreascon Three, and won a Hugo for her efforts."
(Sharon Sbarsky, Dec. 1996)

Massachusetts Convention Fandom Inc. (MCFI)
snailmail: (Also used for Boston in 2001, Smofcon 15 and WFC 1999)
PO Box 1010
Framingham, MA 01701-0205
email: info@mcfi.com
URL: http://world.std.com/~sbarsky/mcf i.html
Sharon Sbarsky (MCFI President, '96-'97)

McMahon, D. (formerly Vancouver, B.C.) "How to Run V-Con in 15,436 Easy Steps." (Unpublished; first drafted November 1987.) Donna McMahon, who recently moved to one of the Gulf Islands, was an executive officer of WCSFA in 1990-1993 and was compiling guidelines information on disk for planning future V-Cons.

Mason, Mary. (San Francisco.) "Party Kit." Con-TRACT 1:5, Oct/Nov 1989. Notes on throwing successful convention promotional parties, from a successful Confrancisco promoter.

The Masquerade Handbook is available for US$7.00 per copy, plus US$1.75 shipping and handling, from the Costumers Guild West, c/o Janet Wilson Anderson, 3216 Villa Knolls Dr., Pasadena, CA 91107, U.S.A. Profits from the sale of this publication are donated to the Costumer's Guild West. Their timeline for masquerades forms part of the timeline you have.

Mayhew, Joe. "What Goes Wrong with the Worldcon Art Show Over and Over." Mad 3 Party #16, February 1987. Synopsis: he claims the reasons things go wrong are 1) the art show is usually *below* the departmental level, 2) the art show director tries to run the Worldcon show the way he runs his local show, 3) the rules are made up in a vacuum. SEE Robert Sacks' response (Mad 3 Party #17, March 1987) and especially Linda Ross-Mansfield's (Mad 3 Party #18, April 1987).

Medinnus, David. "How To Run A Dealers Room", (c) 1994. Available at http://siren.sigma.net/fa fhrd/sfcons/dealer.htm, or via Chaz Baden's bibliography.

"Meeting Planners' Cost Cutting Commandments". Con-TRACT 3:3, May-June 1991.

Miller, Bruce. (was at 2560 S. Hazel Ct., Denver, CO 80219 in 1991; current?) A series of ondisk DOS-format documents on hotel negotiating, liaison and relations. His articles were published in Con News; some have been transcribed and are on your disk copies.
QUESTION: Are his articles currently available? I sent US$3 to him in 1991; however, I never heard back from him. A query to MileHiCon requesting his current address remains unanswered.

"Murphy's Laws of Con-Running". Con-TRACT 7:5, Sept/Oct 1995.

Napier, Stuart. "Who's Conning Whom?" Scavenger's Newsletter 32, October 1986. Napier didn't understand "who gains from all this?" Not the reader, he surmised, and not the writer of SF.

National Association of Exposition Managers. Checklist for Hall Contracts, "A checklist of items to keep in mind for function facility agreements, and for general information for dealers, attendees, committee, etc." (Bruce Farr, Con Games #4, November 1987.) Available (at least in 1987) for $10 USD from NAEM Publications, 334 E. Garfield Rd., Box 377, Aurora, OH 44202-0377, U.S.A.

The NESFA Web page (as opposed to the NESFA Press page) is http://www.panix.com/NESFA/home.html
Sharon Sbarsky (MCFI President, '96-'97)

The current NESFA *Press* Web site (Ben Yalow Web ed.) - See NESFA Press.

Newszine Pegboard information. Available at http://ddb.com/smofs/newszine.pegb oard (as listed in Con-Running Bibliography links, Chaz Baden's page).

Nickerson, Lydia (Minneapolis). See above under Drache for "Project Brain Suck".

"95 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Meeting." Con-TRACT 2:5, Oct/Nov 1990.

Nisbet, Andrew. "What Does Membership Mean?" (from the Orycon program book, November 1993). Andrew Nisbet (1710 S.E. Belmont, Portland, OR 97214) chaired OryCon in 1992; had an interesting (and acerbic) editorial in their program book. Made some vital comments at a previous con panel on projecting expenses so as to tell whether holding your own con was a good idea or not.

Northwest SF Convention League. See the accompanying article at nwconlig.html. To see back issues of The Conventioneer, see their Web page at http://www.halcyon.com/top/s f/conleague.html.

Olson, Mark. Member of Worldcon SF Society, and editor of APA:WSFS. E-mail at Mark_Olson@bio-rad.com.

O'Shea, Chris, Web ed. See http://www.smof.com; Chris O'Shea's Web site offers several important conrunning files. To contact Chris O'Shea directly, e-mail to connotation@smof.com.

Oregon SF Conventions Inc. (OSFCI):
This organization oversees the annual November Orycon in Portland, OR, and also hosts John Lorentz' fannish e-mail directory. Their Web page may be viewed at http://www.teleport.com/~osfci/.

Pavlac, Ross (PO Box 816, Evanston, IL 60204-0816). Ed.: Worldcon Runner's Guide 1994. Available at http://lacon3.worldcon.or g/www/Depts/guide.html (as listed in Con-Running [Worldcon] links, Baden page).
Also available as a zipped, self-expanding .EXE file from http://www.enteract.com/~rpavla c/home.htm; expands to a large WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows file.

----. Things to think about when voting for a Worldcon Bid (04-Sep-1995). Available at http://ddb.com/smofs/bids.how.
Includes "Wanna Buy A Worldcon?", 1994. From Voyageur #2 & #5 (the ConAdian newszine). It's actually about voting for a bid. (Cf. Bruce Farr's piece on questions to ask a bidcom.)

Pelz, Bruce (Los Angeles). E-mail bep@deltanet.com. A contact for Westercon, Worldcon and SMOFCon information.

Pilcher, Linda (Portland, OR). Auntie Linda's Guide to Convention Running, 1994 (aka the Orycon Manuals Ver1.1). Available at http://ddb.com/smofs/howto-orycon94.tx t.

Power, Dave. "Intersecting with the Press". in Conrunner #20, Nov. 1995. A review of press relations at Intersection.

Rico, Joe. (Washington, D.C.) "The Treasurer's Job." SMOFCon 8 (1984) proceedings.

Roberson, Jennifer (a fantasy author and an occasional contributor to ConNotations (formerly Con Games). "PROS AND CONCOMS or NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET". Con Games, ? 1987.

Runte, Robert. "Robert's Rules." Short guidelines (as excerpted by Garth Spencer) from his published comments on PineKone II in Xenofile 1:6, 1990. (Reprinted with Robert's name but without other attribution in Con-TRACT 2:4 and 2:5, 1990.) Posted with permission on the RSN Website: see http://www.vcn.bc.ca/sig/rsn/cons/ .
From about 1981 to 1983 Runte's fanzine New Canadian Fandom was a semi-quarterly newszine for and about Canadian fans. His background includes deep involvement with NonCon, the travelling Alberta regional con. He was a Guest of Honour at ConAdian (Worldcon 1994). (Although he now works an 80-hour week, he can be contacted at 53 Mohawk Dr., Lethbridge, AB T1K 5J5). E-mail: runte@hg.uleth.ab.ca

Sapienza, John T. Jr. "Confederation's Pocket Program." Con Games #?, 1987.

Sbarsky, Sharon. Web editor of Boston in 2001 site: http://world.std.com/~sbarsky/b2 001.html. Ms. Sbarsky also maintains a list of "favourite links" of this bid committee at http://world.std.com/~sbarsky/fav s.html.

SCIFI (Southern California Institute for Fannish Interests) is largely the Los Angeles SF Society as a registered society. Write Box 8442, Van Nuys, CA 91409 for information. (Has a home page on World Wide Web.)

Scott, Mike. Zorn. An irregular conrunning zine.

SMOFCon is a perambulating December convention for convention- runners. "SMOFCon 0" was held in 1972; a continuous series of numbered SMOFCons has been held since 1984. In December 1997 it will be held in Boston, Mass. Proceedings of some past SMOFCons are available.

"SMOFCon 0" (1972) was held in New York by Tony Lewis; a short set of proceedings is available from NESFA. (A Web page link is provided below.)
"This was not called SMOFcon until much later when it was retroactively given the name. I know this because when I presented the idea to have this to Ben [Yalow] we came up with the name ConCon. I gave it the name SMOFcon (as a joke actually) on the first flyer. It stuck."
(Joe Siclari, 18 Dec. 1996)

SMOFCon 1 (1984) was held in Washington, DC, chaired by Ben Yalow, Joe Siclari and Theresa Renner (Smith).
"A number of papers were written as well as a good number of handouts. I know, I have a copy. I thought NESFA had copies for sale. I still have the audio tapes from SMOFcon 1."
(Joe Siclari, 18 Dec. 1996)

SMOFCon 2 would have been held in the Bay Area in 1985, but was cancelled due to lack of memberships.

SMOFCon 3 (1986) was held in Lowell, Mass., hosted by MCFI with the topic "Brainstorming the Worldcon"; proceedings are available from NESFA. The "If I Ran the Z/o/o/...Con" Game was introduced here.

SMOFCon 4 (1987) was held in Columbus, OH. "SMOFCON IV proceedings, if we have any still available, should be ordered from P.O. Box 163391, Columbus, OH 43216 or via my e-mail address. (The address listed for Liz Gross has not been valid for several years.)"
(Mark Evans, 18 Dec. 1996)

SMOFCon 5 (1988) was held in Phoenix, AZ, chaired by Bruce Farr.

SMOFCon 6 (Dec. 1989) was held in Toronto, ON by Lloyd Penney (no published proceedings).

SMOFCon 7 (Dec. 1990) was held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, "Chaired by Joe Siclari & Edie Stern. Sponsored by the South Florida Science Fiction Society ( SFSFS). A number of papers, forms, procedures & contracts were distributed as well as 2 supplements totalling more than 100 pages. ... SFSFS still has some for sale."
(Joe Siclari, 18 Dec. 1996)

SMOFCon 8 (Dec. 1991) was held in Portland, OR. Proceedings could be obtained from Oregon SF Conventions Inc. at P.O. Box 5703, Portland, Oregon 97228, or from John Lorentz.

SMOFCon 9 (Dec. 1992) was held in New Orleans, LA, hosted by Peggy Rae Pavlat and others.

SMOFCon 10 (Easter 1993) was held on the Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands, hosted by Tim Illingworth and other British fans.

SMOFCon 11 (Dec. 1993) was held in Lexington, KY, hosted by Jane and Scott Dennis.

SMOFCon 12 (Dec. 1994) was held in Burbank, CA and combined with Fanhistoricon 2.

SMOFCon 13 (Dec. 1995) was held in Austin, TX, hosted by FACT (Fandom Association of Central Texas). Contact at the URL above.

SMOFCon 14 (Dec. 1996) was held in Seattle, WA.

SMOFcon 15 (Dec. 1997) will be in Boston, MA, hosted by MCFI (Web link provided above under MCFI).

(updated information from Sharon Sbarsky , December 1996)

Sobel, Milo. The 12 Hour MBA. Prentice Hall, 1993.

Sorenson, Ian. Editor of Bob and Conrunner; contactable at 7 Woodside Walk, Hamilton, Scotland, ML3 7HY, U.K. Also: e-mail ian@soren.demon.co.uk.

----. The Best of Conrunner, a selection of articles, will be posted as of Christmas 1996 to http://www.dcs.gl a.ac.uk/ftp/pub/SF-Archives/Conrunner/.

Spencer, Garth (Vancouver, B.C.). A fanzine publisher and sometime concom member with a little experience of Northwest conventions. Based on what he's seen and heard, especially during his stint as a newszine editor, has negative opinions about the common fixation on great big conventions, or the care and competence fans sometimes display on convention committees.
A small, random collection of conrunning articles by various people is represented at his Web page: see http://www.vcn.bc.ca/sig/rsn/cons/ . (You can e-mail me directly at hrothgar@vcn.bc.ca. Please do, if you can suggest corrections or extensions to this bibliography.)

----. "A Few Thoughts about Conventions." Scavenger's Newsletter #40, June 1987. A reply to one Stuart Napier, mainly that SF conventions are really for socializing, not really for writers (or readers), or even for sharing thoughts about SF.

----. Draining the Swamp, It's a Lot Like War, etc. (title varies); various unpublished attempts to gather materials for V-Con guidelines. Latest edition (1993) amounted to over 150K. If you want a diskcopy for a laugh, you can write to Garth at Box 15335, V.M.P.O., Vancouver, B.C. CANADA V6B 5B1.

----. "Fanzine Rooms". A short report on his attempts at running a fanzine room (not included so far in Draining the Swamp). (Compare with Graeme Cameron's V-Con 21 report (in his fanzine Space Cadet), describing Cameron's own fanzine room.) Will be available soon at http://www.vcn.bc.ca/sig/rsn/cons/.

----. "Publications". A short article on producing V-Con publications (1987-1990), from PR 1 through the program book, included in Draining the Swamp. Available at http://www.vcn.bc.ca/sig/rsn /cons/pubns.html.

----. "A V-Con Timetable". A rather long article attempting to reproduce the major steps toward producing a V-Con (as witnessed 1987-1990), included in Draining the Swamp. Available at http://www.vcn.bc.ca/sig/rsn/cons/ .

Star Trek Welcommittee. The Little Golden Guide, specifically oriented to Star Trek convention running, is available from (the Star Trek Welcommittee.?) Send US$2.55 to 200 E. Thomas St., Lansing, MI 48906.

Standlee, Kevin. Parliamentarian for Westercons and Worldcons.

Steel, James. "Why Run Conventions?" Con-TRACT 2:4, Aug/Sept 1990. The costs and downside of going to the effort.

Strauss, Erwin S. (Alexandria, VA.) The Con Committee's Guide, 1984. A preliminary write-up, with a cursory glance at most departments, except for signage. (listed in Con-Running [Worldcon] links, Baden page)

----. The Complete Guide to SF Conventions (56pp., 8.5" x 5.5" trade paperback) is $4 postpaid from the author. Copyright (c) 1984 by Erwin S. Strauss. Also available from Loompanics Press (the publisher/distributor).

----. "Making string boards for distributing flyers" (1987). (July 14, 1990; revised June 11, 1991).

Taylor, Robert. "Security Summit II." The Conventioneer 1:4, March 7, 1996. Report on a meeting pondering "why do problems happen at conventions?"

Tor Books: For information on their authors (e.g. speaking engagements, or through whom to contact them), link to http://sunsite.unc.edu/ibic /Tor-homepage.html.

Treasurer's Report by "S C-A", Con-TRACT 5:2, Mar-Apr 1993. Short tale by one treasurer, for an unidentified convention, who found (himself? herself?) hamstrung when trying to do the job. (Not clear in this case who "S C-A" is; Con-TRACT keeps shortening bylines to initials.)

Turek, Leslie. If I Ran the Z/o/o/ Con ..., also known as the SMOFCon Game. A game that models the conrunning process (specifically, bidding on, preparing and running a Worldcon). Available from NESFA Press (P.O. Box 809, Framingham, MA 01701- 0203, U.S.A.; Web site ftp://grand.central.org/afs/transarc.com/public/jmann/html/nesfa. html); write for current price. Alternatively, e-mail Leslie Turek at turek@xait.xerox.com
** Editor of The Mad 3 Party for Noreascon 3.

Virzi, Dennis & Pat Mueller. "Programming the Program." Mad 3 Party #17, March 1987. On applying dBase II to program information, forming a participant list, and an event list, the second being cross-indexed several ways. (N.B. Ed Beauregard's letter in M3P #20, August 1987.)

Virzi, Dennis & Robert Taylor. "Budgeting for a Convention." Con-TRACT 5:4, Jul-Aug 1993. Reprinted from Proceedings of Instacon 3 (Steve Jackson and Robert Taylor eds.), published and copyrighted Jan. 20, 1989 by the Fandom Association of Central Texas, Inc.

Wallis, Michael. Chair of Ad Astras in Toronto in 1980s, and Baycon 1992 in San Diego area. Editor of the Baycon Bible, largely a description of duties assigned to different committee members.

Warner Books: For information on their authors (e.g. speaking engagements, or through whom to contact them), link to http://www.timeinc.com/~t wep/Aspect/Aspect.html.

Whitley, Eva. Conventional Fanzine. A very irregular conrunning zine; first two issues were produced about the time of ChiCon IV (1982).

----. Eva Whitley's article on planning convention (especially Worldcon) Banquets is available at http://users.aol.com/ecwhitle y/hugobanq.txt. Whitley may be contacted directly at .

Windsor, Dana. "The Beginner's Guide to Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention Management", (c) 1995 (based on Wholucination 1). (listed in Con- Running Bibliography links, Chaz Baden's page). Available at http://ddb.com/smofs/howto-wholu95 .txt. Also available from Windsor in hardcopy (address upcoming).

Worldcons Web page - the official WorldCon link is at .

Yalow, Ben (New York). Host of first SMOFCon; participant in Category 26, Topic 5 on GEnie (conrunning), and on Smofs e-mail list. Maintains NESFA and Boskone Web pages. Authority on hotel relations (and helped OSFCI draft their contract with the Red Lion chain).

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