Intersmof is an e-mail listserver, like Timebinders: a selected list of e-mail addresses to which e-mail is repeated. Intersmof is selected from fans interested in the conrunning art, with a particular focus on large conventions in Europe. (During Sept. 1996, the focus seemed to be on preparing a future Eurocon Worldcon bid, or modellng a regional Eurocon on the Worldcon.)

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The mission statement follows:


from Fiona Anderson (August 2, 1996)

The purpose of intersmof is to aid both the write-up of Intersection (how we did it, how we could have done better) and to therefore provide information and discussion helpful to potential European conrunners, but without this leading to any directions set in stone.

The issue of conrunning in Europe has recently been broached from a variety of different conrunners in different European countries, with a general serendipity of feeling that it would be a Good Thing for European conrunners to work together to set up Big European Conventions on a regular basis, in a quite different manner from the Eurocons, and quite separate from the aegis of ESFS.

To this end the discussions on this list should concentrate on issues of the practicalities of conrunning, allowing people to put forward what has worked for them and why, as well as to suggest new ways of doing things.

Everybody on this list should always bear firmly in mind that advice given here is local to the advice-giver, and that what works in one country may well be inapplicable to the situation in any other country, due to differences both in fannish customs and in legal or business practices from country to country.

(While that may seem to be stating the blindingly obvious to many of you on this list already, the sheer number of countries in Europe does mean this is a major issue that ought to be kept at the forefront of everyone's minds at all times.)

Although the list is primarily aimed at European conrunning issues, I welcome people from non-European fandoms onto intersmof - I personally have found many of the US contributors in particular extremely helpful during the discussions we have had to date, and their contribution has been invaluable.
Fiona Anderson
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