Convention Management and Control

Con Committee's Guide

The Con Committee's Guide was produced in 1984 by Erwin "Filthy Pierre" Strauss for the first SMOFcon, aka ConCon, and provides his thoughts and observations on "getting information to, from and between con attendees at the con itself."

Convention-Running Resources: A Smorgasbord

Fans have been holding their own conventions, on an amateur basis, since at least the 1940s. These events have grown in size, complexity, and diversity, especially since the early 1970s, and some fans have seen the need to set on paper some notes about the convention-runners' art, particularly as science fiction conventions are rather different than mundane conventions.

Fiona Anderson's Convention Fanzine BABEL-On

The Kennedy Compendium

The Kennedy Guide being a Compilation of Guidelines pertinent to the proper Functioning of Worldcon Masquerades drawn from the Experiences & Opinions of ....Experts (Margaret W. Kennedy, 1981)

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