How to Submit Scans to FANAC

Scanning and OCR Specifications

Fanzines/Convention Publications

Scan in 300 dpi, color mode. Single jpg images or combined PDF.


Scan in 300 dpi color mode, even for B&W images. Save as jpg images, although TIF is okay. Please write to see what we can use.


If you are able to OCR, please send us a test file. We will let you know if you should OCR your scans, or just send the PDF to us for OCR. We have software that both does the OCR well, and compresses the files so they are easier to download.

Naming conventions and Metadata

Title File Format: If your scanning software allows you to adjust the titles of your saved files, it will help us to more quickly get fanzines online if you could save them identified like this: Some zines, especially newszines, include the day they are published so the date might look like 1956-07-21

Metadata: If you have Adobe Acrobat or other software that can modify the file metadata, please put the same Title text string in the file's Title metadata as in the actual title. Google indexes on it and it appears on the search results. If you cannot, we will do it.


We put up a lot of fanzines., Whenever possible, we obtain permission from the editors who are alive. If you have contact information for the editors of the zines you want to scan, please send it to me. We'll write them and ask for permission. We don't want to put material online that the editor doesn’t want us to put online.

File Transfers

If you have a lot of files or large files, drop us an email and we will set up a Dropvox link that you can use to send us the files.

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