Cult, The

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Little Peter Vorzimer after forecasting the future of The Cult

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Dave Rike, F.M. Busby, Pete Graham, Jack Harness

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Ray Schaffer, Lars Bourne, John Champion

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Dick Eney

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Larry McCombs, Jim Caughran

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Tapscott, Karen Anderson, Ted Johnstone, Dian Girard Pelz, Kevin Langdon, Bob Lichtman, Calvin Demmon, Don Fitch

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Bruce Pelz, Alva Rogers, Norm Metcalf, Les Nirenberg, Walter Breen, Andy Main

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Bill Donaho, Fred Patten, Bruce Pelz?, Don Fitch, Gretchen Schwenn

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Diane Pelz, Darrell Best, Jimmy Wright

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Wrai Ballard, Lee Jacobs

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