Irish Fandom

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Scabo Tower is on a coastal hill on the east coast of Ireland.

John Berry

Madeleine & Walter Willis at home, 1992

A picnic scene from "Through Darkest Ireland With Knife, Fork & Spoon," Chuch Harris' 1954 account of his two-week summer holiday spent visiting Irish Fandom.

Walt Willis and James White in August, 1995. Photo taken during the walk back from Morelli's ice cream parlor to the White House. Portstewart, Northern Ireland

Irish on the rocks. Walt Willis sitting at the foot of one of his fannish inspirations Scrabo Tower, Northern Ireland.

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Ireland, -- 1961(?) WORK2

Peggy White with James White's Hugo Award

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James White, Walt Willis and John Berry (c 1956)

James Bacon and Peggy White with James White's Retro Hugo

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