OtherMeeting 89-NY95

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Other Meeting - Greg Thokar shows his poise! In the background are: Ann Broomhead, Kelly Persons, Tim Szczesuil, Laurie Mann, Leslie Turek, Mark Olson

Other Meeting - Jill Eastlake, George Flynn, ???, ???, Tony Lewis, Elizabeth Carey, Chip Hitchcock, Susan Isaacs, Davey Snyder, Al Kent?, Kelly Persons

Other Meeting - Sewing Circle and Bystanders. Susan Isaacs, Davey Snyder, Gay Ellen Dennett, Susan Hammond, Jill Eastlake, Peggy Thokar?, Greg Thokar

Other Meeting - ???, Kelly Persons, Alexis Layton, Leslie Turek, Leslie Mann, Susan Hammond, Sharon Sbarsky, Don Eastlake 4th

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