South Florida Science Fiction Society (SFSFS)

Part 3 The First SFSFS Clubhouse 1997

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In 1997 SFSFS became one of four Science Fiction clubs in the US to have its own clubhouse (LASFS, NESFA, BSFS and now SFSFS). This facility is located at 275 E. Oakland Park Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, behind the office of Mike Block, CPA. Thanks to the untiring efforts of a number of SFSFS members, and some non-members too, our clubhouse provides a warm and friendly place for SFSFS meetings and other activities. Here are some photos from the SFSFS Clubhouse construction available for your amusment.

The Construction Crew -- well part of it anyway.
Pete Rawlik, Tom Meserole & Shirlene Ananayo-Rawlik building the Bookcase Wall.
Edie Stern showing off the muscles from working out at Muscle Beach and Tom Meserole.
Tony Lewis, Joe Siclari and Peter Rawlik after moving the first truck load of boxes from the SFSFS warehouse.
Peggy Dolan peaking from behind a bookcase, Bobbi Arthur, Tony Lewis (who wanted NESFA service hours for doing SFSFS work) and ???
Tom Meserole and Bobbi Arthur putting up the new lights.
Tony Lewis is all laddered up.
The SFSFS Marks Brothers, Shirlene, Mal, Pete & Tom.

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