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Joe Siclari's Moving Day (1979)
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CupsFullaSuds (1979) - Craig Newmark, Melissa Proctor, Edie Stern
s03-013.jpeg[45KB] [New]
CupsFullaSuds sings (1979)
s03-014.jpeg[60KB] [New]
The Coral Springs Science Fiction League Social Drinking Society and Travelling Fan-Variety Show (in Exile)
s03-015.jpeg[55KB] [New]
CupsFullaSuds Transportation
s03-016.jpeg[52KB] [New]
SFSFS transportation
s03-017.jpeg[65KB] [New]
SFSFS Picnic, 1983
s03-018.jpeg[56KB] [New]
SFSFS Picnic, 1983
s03-019.jpeg[36KB] [New]
SFSFS picnic, 1983

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