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WCSFA Archive Fanzine collection

From: Graeme Cameron
Greetings all!
Apart from a pile of unsorted crudzines (among which there may be some gems) my initial cataloging of the WCSFA archive is complete (for the time being).
There are 4,117 issues distributed among 724 titles.
Going by title (and rounding figures):
20% are from Canada,
49% are from the United States,
17% from the United Kingdom,
11% from Australia & New Zealand,
3% from elsewhere.
Going by issues (and rounding figures):
40% are from the 1990s,
27% from the 1980s,
31% from the 1970s,
1% from the 1960s,
-1% from the 1950s & 40s.
I would be interested in learning your overall impression of the collection. From a collector's point of view I guess it's rather skimpy, hardly any complete runs. But for a club archive, maybe not bad, in that it contains a representative sampling of zines over three decades. What do you

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