An apa abbreviation, usually in a mailing comment response to a “catty“ remark. It stands for Would You Like A Saucer Of Cream (Milk) With That Comment?




The drink of choice of Sergeant Saturn (a.k.a. “Sarge” Saturn), who generally got juiced to the gills on it while conducting the lettercolumns for the 1940s Captain Future, Thrilling Wonder Stories (TWS) and Startling Stories (SS). It is recommended only for those whose heads are already made of wood, or at the very least for those who have that as their goal and ambition.


Acronym for Your Mileage May Vary. A net term (coined, we think, by Evelyn C. Leeper in rasff in 1992), it has slipped into usage in mainstream fanzine fandom.


Short for fanzine. In more current usage, these are mundane fanzines that come out of the Factsheet Five phenomenon and hence are distinct from an sf fanzine, which comes from the sf microcosm or one of its off-shoots. A "zeen" is almost always a mundane fanzine (even though Earl Evers used zEEn as the title for his fanzine published in and for sf fanzine fandom; Earl was using and emphasizing his initials) while "zine" can at times be short for "fanzine" and hence may be used to apply to The Real Thing. The word “’zine”–with an apostrophe–is credited to Sarge Saturn in a fanzine review column he wrote for Startling Stories.

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