By Donald Franson

The National Fantasy Fan Federation
Actifan - Stf fan usually found in the middle of fannish activity. May be a fanzine fan, club fan, correspondent, convention fan, active collector, or a combination.
Activity - Any kind of effort in fandom. Specifically, in an apa, publication of a minimum number of pages per year to retain membership.
AJ, or Ajay - Amateur journalism; writing for or producing amateur publications of any kind; to us, this means fanzines. Sometimes AJ refers to AJ groups, or apas.
Anglofandom - British fans, fanzines, clubs and conventions; self-contained and somewhat different from American fandom, but closely allied with it.
Annish - The issue of a fanzine appearing on the anniversary of first publication, occasioning celebration, because relatively few fanzines last a year.
Apa - Amateur press association. A group of people who publish fanzines, and instead of mailing them individually, send them to an Official Editor, who distributes them to members in identical bundles. There are seven or more fannish apas now in existence, one (FAPA) continuously since 1937. Apas for fantasy fans are modeled after older mundane groups.
Apan - Member of an apa. Biapans belong to two apas, multiapans to many, omniapans to all.
Apazine - Fanzine produced for an apa, though it may be available to non-members.
Artwork - Stf fans became interested in artwork through the covers & illos in prozines. Amateur artwork includes illos drawn on stencil or master for reproduction in fanzines, & paintings for art exhibitions at conventions.
Auction - One of the chief sources of money for fan gatherings is an auction of original prozine illos or manuscripts, back issues of prozines or fanzines, and other collectors' items, contributed by pro editors and others.
Auction Bloch - At conventions, fans bid on professionals, buying an hour of their time. (Named for Robert Bloch.)
Awards - The principal awards in fandom are the Hugos. Other awards include the Invisible Little Man (Westercon), Evans-Freehafer trophy (LASFS), Kaymar Award (N3F), Big Heart award, Fan Commendments (results of the FANAC Poll) and the proposed Fan Achievement Awards. A number of trophies are awarded at the PAS exhibitions during conventions.

Beanie - The traditional headgear of the stf fan is the propellor beanie, actually largely a symbol for the convenience of cartoonists.
Bem - The stock stf character, the bug-eyed monster.
Blog - Mythical drink of fans; any potable consisting of an incredible mismatch of ingredients.
BNF - Big Name Fan. One of importance and influence in fandom; well-known and with a solid reputation. Note also WKF - well-known fan.
BRE - British Reprint Edition (of a U. S. prozine.)
BSFA - British Science Fiction Association, a service and recruiting organization for Anglofandom.
Burned out - Synonym for gafia, brought on when a fan takes on more obligations than he can or wants to handle, and withdraws from fandom.

Canfan - Canadian fan, generally integrated with U. S. fandom.
CFG - Cincinnati Fantasy Group, sponsors of 1949 Cinvention and later Midwestcons.
CFS - Colorado Fantasy Society, Denver club sponsors of 1941 Denvention.
Chiac - Chicago fandom, consisting of the Chicago SF League, and the U of Chicago SF Club.
CoA - Change of address. Notice placed in fmz that has wide circulation.
Collate - To assemble fanzine pages, readying them for stapling.
Collector - Collects stf, fantasy, or some branch of either. Completist attempts to get everything, usually in a limited field.
Combozine - Group of fanzines bound together, usually published especially for distribution at a convention.
Comics fandom - A sizeable portion of sf fandom has nostalgic interest in stf and other comic books.
Con - Short for convention (meaning the annual Worldcon or the British National Convention) and also short for regional conferences and conclaves.
Con Committee - A group of fans who put on a convention. Includes chairman, secretary, treasurer and other officers, and is formed anew for each convention, usually from members of the sponsoring club.
Con report - An informal article written by a fan, telling about a convention, including both program and personal adventures.
Corflu - Correction fluid (or obliterine) for correcting mistakes on mimeo stencils.
CRAP - Cruddily Reproduced Amateur Press, originally Carbon Reproduced Amateur Press, a now defunct apa.
Credit - In an apa, the amount of pages needed to fulfill activity requirements. Also, the name most authors use to replace "Dollar" in stories of the future.
Croggled - Astounded, amused.
Crottled Greeps - Mythical food served to fans, unimaginably horrible. If you don't want them, don't order them.
Crud - Worthless or undesirable material in fanzines. Crudzines are whole fanzines of it.
The Cult - An apa, of unusual structure. 13 members take part through publication of an official organ, THE FANTASY ROTATOR, by each member in turn.
Cut - To type a stencil.

Deadline - In an apa, the time after which no material is accepted for a given mailing. Few fanzines outside the apas observe rigid schedules requiring deadlines.
Deadwood - Members of apas or other organizations who are not sufficiently active to be useful to the membership.
Dean Drive - Mysterious invention of Norman Dean, touted as a space drive by John Campbell in Analog.
Director - In N3F, one of five on the Board of Directors (The Directorate). In LASFS, a position equivalent to President. (Originally, LASFS was a chapter of the Science Fiction League. Each Director lead his own chapter.)
Disclave - Conclave held in Washington, D.C., each May.
Ditto - Dittograph, spirit duplicating process.
DNP, DNQ - Do not print; Do not quote: formal prohibitions of publishing, quoting, or otherwise passing on of information in letter or conversation.
Duper - Duplicating machine.

Eastercon - The British National Convention held at Easter (sometimes at Whitsun) each year in England. In 1961 it was the LXICon in Gloucester.
Egoboo - That which boosts the ego, such as favorable comment on one's fanac.
Egobuck - Minor LASFS award for services to the club.
ERB - Edgar Rice Burroughs. ERBdom includes the Burroughs Bibliofiles and other followers of Tarzan and John Carter.
ESFA - Eastern Science Fiction Association, a Newark, N. J. area fan club.
ESP - Extra-sensory perception, such as telepathy and clairvoyance. Also known as psi.

Faaan - Fan who is interested more in fans and fandom than in stf.
Fafia - Forced away from it all. A form of gafia where mundane considerations draw one from fanac.
Fan - Here means science fiction fan. What exactly constitutes a fan is too deep to go into here. The different kinds of fans, such as fanzine fan and convention fan are self-explanatory, while trufan and fakefan are too subjective to be easily defined.
Fanac - Fan activity.
Fan club - Here means stf fan club, of course. All are not listed here, this handbook only giving explanations of initials and names you may run across.
Fandom - The group as a whole, the fans and the pros who are in contact with one another, an empire of vast boundaries and small population. Fandom here always means science fiction and fantasy fandom; there are other fandoms and hobbies, but we say "fandom" as we say "the sun" and "the moon."
Faned - Fanzine editor
Fan Fiction - Fiction written by fans; either amateur stf, or fiction about fans and fandom.
Fannish - Characteristic of, or pertaining to, fans or fandom.
Fanoclasts - New York City fan club.
Fanquet - LASFS annual banquet for members who have made their first pro sale. Those who have been honored since its inception in 1949 include E. Everett Evans, Len Moffatt, Mel Hunter, and Ed Clinton.
Fantasy - A branch of literature. See Science Fiction for a comparative definition.
Fantasy Foundation - Plan for maintaining a permanent collection of stf and fantasy for purposes of preservation and/or circulation.
Fanzine - Fan magazine. Term has largely replaced the older fan-mag.
Fanzine Clearing House - Seth Johnson's program for collecting surplus fanzines and distributing them in bundles to neofans; he works as a semi-official bureau of the N3F.
Fanzine Foundation - Plan for accumulation of fanzines for research.
FAPA - Fantasy Amateur Press Association, the oldest of the fan apas.
Faunch - Yearn.
Feghoot - Elaborate pun, originated by Grendel Briarton (Reginald Bretnor).
Femmefan - Female fan, sometimes fanne.
Fen - Plural of fan, though it hasn't replaced "fans" in usage.
Feud - Disagreement between fans leading mostly to bitter words and temporary loss of each other's friendship. Seldom serious.
FIAWOL, FIJAGH - Fandom is a way of life, or Fandom is just a Goddam hobby, depending on your point of view.
Filk song - Fannish folk song, often a parody of a mundane folk song.
First Fandom - A club restricted to fans active before 1938.
Flying Saucers - Most stf fans don't "believe" in flying saucers, consider them nonexistent or an unexplained phenomenon. There is a Flying Saucer Fandom, but this is not it.
FMoF - Famous Monsters of Filmland, Ackerman's magazine. There is a monster fandom, too.
Fmz - Fan magazine.
Focal point - a fanzine which has attracted active fans and becomes a center of interest.
FotR - Fellowship of the Ring, fanclub for devotees of J. R. R. Tolkien.
Fringe fan - A fan of stf who does not take active part in fanac, remaining on the fringes.
Fugghead - Stupid person, maker of asinine statements.

Gafia - Getting away from it all. Dropping of all fanac, temporarily or permanently.
Gafiate - Leave fandom (from "gafia")
General fandom - Term used to designate fandom outside of the apas, or can be applied to fandom outside of any small portion of it.
Genzine - Fanzine available to general fandom as opposed to apazine. Also, fanzine of general interest.
Gerfandom - A large stf fandom exists in Germany and Austria. Some of its clubs are Eurotopia (a federation of continental sf clubs), SFCD (SF Club Deutschland), Stellaris, and ISFS (International SF Society).
GGFS - Golden Gate Futurian Society, San Francisco Bay area fan club.
Ghods - Of fannish (joke) religions. Some fans atheistically disbelieve in Ghu, Foo or Roscoe.
GoH - Guest of Honor at a convention. Usually the major speaker at banquet-time.
Goshwow - Enthusiastic. The traditional cry of enthusiastic neofen is Goshwowoboyoboy!
Grotch - To complain; -ed, to be irritated.

HC - Hard cover book.
Heesh - He or she, as the case may be.
Hekto - Hectograph, a primitive method of reproduction, now largely replaced by mimeo and ditto.
Hieronymus Machine - Campbell's gadgetized ouija board to demonstrate psionic powers. Hieronymus was the middle name of Baron Munchausen.
Hoax - Some misguided fans have perpetrated hoaxes upon fandom, some of them harmless. A phony fan is considered more devious than use of a pseudonym, and death hoaxes or other harm causing practical jokes are taboo.
Hobbies - Hobbies abound within stf fandom, ranging from stamp collecting to nuclear physics. Think of a hobby or interest and it's here.
Huckster - A dealer in prozines and other stf material for profit.
Hugo Awards - Presented at annual conventions for achievement in six s-f fields during the past year. 9" rocketships on trophy bases are awarded for excellence in the novel, the novelette or short story, the professional magazine, drama, artist and fanzine. (Named for Hugo Gernsback.
Hyborian Legion - Club for fans of Conan and other fantasy heroes. Amra is the club fmz.

IES - Interplanetary Exploration Society, a science & philosophy discussion group, started by Campbell but not connected with Analog.
IF - Irish Fandom, a small group of active fans in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Illo - Illustration. Original illo is the original drawing of a published illustration.
The Immortal Storm - Title of Sam Moskowitz' history of the early days of fandom before the Second World War.
Insurgent - Actifan rebelling against serious-constructiveness, sometimes one opposed to any kind of organization.
Interlineation, or Lino - Sentence irrelevant to the surrounding text, set off from it by bordering lines of hyphens.
IPSO - International Publishers' Speculative Organization, an apa.
ISFA - Indiana Science Fiction Association, a fan club in Indianapolis.
ISFCC - Int'l S F Correspondence Club.
Ish - Issue (of magazine). From this you can derive thish (this issue), nextish, lastish, annish and Wilish (special issue by or for Walt Willis).

Justified margins - Even right-hand margins on typed copy, made possible by skipping a few spaces here and there in the line. Like this.

KtSF - Knight of St. Fantony. Honor conferred by Cheltenham (England) group, with fannish ceremony. (There are also Ladies and Squires of St. Fantony.)

Lacktivity - Lack of activity, causing expulsion from an apa.
LASFS - Los Angeles Science-Fantasy Society, LA area fan club, since 1934.
Lettercol - Letter column, either in a fanzine or a prozine.
Lettering guide - Hard plastic stencil used to letter titles.
Letter-substitute - Duplicated sheet sent out to correspondents as a substitute for letters owed by a busy fan. (Beware -- the giant 100-plus page Habakkuk started this way.)
Letterzine - Fanzine consisting entirely of letters from readers.
LiG - Liverpool Group, a semi-stf club in England. Formerly LaSFaS, the Liverpool SF Socy.
Little Men - The Elves', Gnomes' and Little Men's Science Fiction, Chowder, and Marching Society, San Francisco Bay area fan club. The comic strip "Barnaby" is the source of title.
LoC - Letter of comment, on an issue of a fanzine, sometimes in lieu of subscription or trade.
Logo - The title layout of a magazine cover or masthead.
Lovecraft Mythos - Fictional references created by H. P. Lovecraft, such as the non-existent Necronomicon of Abdul Alhazred.
Lunarians - New York Science Fiction Society, NY City area fan club; sponsors Lunacons.

MaD Productions - Amateur movie-making group in Liverpool, England. (MaD stands for Mersey and Deeside.)
Mailing - Apa bundle mailed out by O.E. containing one each of contributing members' fmz.
Mailing comments (mc's) - Comments on the previous mailing in an apazine.
Mainstream, or mundane fiction - Any fiction that is not stf or fantasy. See science fiction for comparative definition.
Manuscript Bureau - N3F service for distributing material to fanzine editors on receipt from contributors.
Master - Original ditto or multilith sheet, equivalent to mimeo stencil.
Mercer's Day - The 31st of April. Named for British fan who once set an OMPA deadline for this date.
Midwestcon - Conference held annually in Cincinnati, Ohio, the last weekend of June.
Mimeo - Mimeograph. A dry-stencil duplicating process.
Mlg. - Mailing.
MSFS - Michigan Science Fantasy Society, a Detroit fan club; "Misfits".
Mundane - Non-fannish, pertaining to the outside world.

The Nameless Ones - The Seattle Science Fiction Society, sponsors of 1961 Seacon.
N'APA - The Neffer Amateur Press Alliance, the N3F''s apa.
Natter - Idle chatter, especially in a fanzine editorial. From English dialect "gnatter".
Neffer - Member of the N3F.
Neofan, Neo - New fan, usually only such for a few months.
Nonstoparagraphing - Dropping down a line at the end of a sentence to start new paragraph, saving space and time.
Numerical fandoms - Theory that the history of fandom can be split into eras, beginning with First Fandom in the thirties, down to currently Seventh or Ninth or whathaveyou. Disagreement and ridicule have brought the whole idea into disrepute. Self-proclaimed "Seventh Fandom" helped discredit it c. 1953.

OA - Official Arbiter, the sole officer of the Cult; decides disputed points.
OE - Official Editor. Publisher of an official organ. In apas, also collects and sends out the mailing. AE is OMPA's Association Editor.
OMPA - Off-Trail Magazine Publishers' Association, an apa, originally all British.
One-shot - A fanzine produced by a group at a single session; or any fanzine intended to have one issue only; not periodical.
OO - Official organ (fanzine) of a club or apa.
Other fandoms - Stf fandom is thought to be unique among hobbies. In a way, it is; however there are any number of other groups that may be called "fandoms", such as Rail fandom, Coin fandom, and Circus fandom. The most similar to our microcosm are the mystery fans and the Sherlock Holmes fans in particular.

PAS - Project Art Show; organizes fan art exhibitions at conventions.
pb - Paperback, or pocket book.
Philcon - Annual conference in Philadelphia; also, the 1947 & 1953 World conventions there.
Plonker - Toy gun which shoots rubber tipped darts (plonks). If not entirely harmless, less damaging than a water pistol.
Ploy - A maneuver to outwit or one-up other fans; usually less complicated and more good-humored than a hoax, but there's no sharp line.
Poctsacrd - Humorous misspelling of postcard, originated as a typo.
Polls - Fans are constantly sending out opinion or merit polls and questionnaires, and sometimes publish results. The FANAC and SKYRACK polls are the chief fanzine polls in the U.S. and Britain in recent years. Merit polls within apas include the Egoboo Poll (FAPA) and Pillar Poll (SAPS).
Postmailing - Apazine mailed out separately from regular Official Editor's bundle.
Pro - Professional writer, artist, editor, agent, or publisher.
Professional Challenger Society - Club for fans of both Doyle and sf.
Prozine - Professional stf or fantasy magazine.
PSFA - Pittsburgh S-F Association, put on the 1960 Pittcon.
PSFS - Philadelphia S-F Society, puts on annual Philcons. Second oldest fan club.
Psi - The field of mental phenomena, run into the ground by John W. Campbell.
Pub - To publish. Pubber - Publisher.
Pun Fund - LASFS system of fining perpetrators of vile puns as a deterrent.

Quasi-quotes - Quote marks with hyphens, indicating the quote is only the substance of a statement, not the exact words. " ......... "
Quote cards - Small cards sent with letters, containing some witty or unusual saying, to be signed and passed on.

RAILS - Rochester Area Imaginative Literature Society. Fan club in Rochester, N.Y.
Ratings - In fanzine reviews, ratings are often from 1 to 10, with 10 high.
Real Soon Now - Fannish promise of imminent activity, now has meaning of "far in the future." Capitals denote sarcasm.
Repro - Quality of reproduction or printing in a fanzine.
Rider - Small fanzine mailed out along with another fanzine.
Rocket societies - Once closely connected with stf (as was their subject) and stf fans helped form some of them. The American Rocket Soc'y (ARS) was once the American Interplanetary Society. The original German group, Verein für Raumschiffahrt (VfR -- Society for Space Travel), The British Interplanetary Soc'y (BIS), & the Pacific Rockety Soc'y (PRS) have or had links with stfandom through mutual members.
Rotation Plan - Worldcons move each year to a different geographical area in the U. S. or Canada (East, Midwest, and West), or overseas.
Round Robin - Story started by one writer, continued and completed by others. Also applies to letters passed on, added to, and eventually returned to sender.
Run off - To turn out copies on mimeo or ditto.

SAPS - Spectator Amateur Press Society, an apa.
Science Fiction - The search for a definition of science fiction has occupied fans' minds for decades; also needed is a way to divide stf, fantasy and mundane fiction into separate compartments. It could be that stf and fantasy both have a fantastic element, which mundane does not; and that stf explains this element, which fantasy does not. That's my definition anyway; what's yours?
Sci-fi - Abbreviation for science-fiction.
Sense of wonder - Feeling which stf should inspire in readers, but often doesn't.
Sercon - Serious and constructive. The term is now of doubtful meaning, and may or may not be derogatory in context. British say sericon.
SF, s-f - Science fiction.
SFCol - The Science Fiction Club of London.
SFG - Southern Fandom Group, a regional club.
Shading plate - Rough surface used to make patterned dots or lines, used in stencilling artwork.
Shadow FAPA mailing - FAPA waiting-listers' combozine.
Shaggy - Nickname for Shangri-L'Affaires, LASFS fanzine. Many fanzines acquire nicknames but most are easily recognizable as a shortened form of the original name.
Shaver Mystery - a fake cosmogony centering on a series of stories by Richard Shaver in Amazing just after WWII, publicized as truth by Ray Palmer, editor. Evil men (deros) living in caves use ray machines to cause all of the world's troubles. Of historical interest, included here as an example of occultism on the fringes of stf. Fans are open-minded (have holes in their heads) and may embrace one phase or another of crackpottery, even while considering all other kinds to be non-scientific and unworthy of attention.
Slan shack - House where several fans live. (Fans are slans, you know.) (From Slan, a novel of superhuman mutants by van Vogt.)
Slip sheet - A sheet inserted between pages of mimeoed copy just as they come off the machine, to prevent offset (ink spots).
Space opera - Analogue to "horse-opera" (western), a stf adventure which deals with action in space instead of the West.
Stencil - In fanzine parlance, always a mimeograph stencil, not lettering guide or other. To Stencil is to type on a stencil without typer ribbon. Composing on stencil is the fan's equivalent of the 4th Estate's "in the stick".
Stf - Science fiction; abbreviation for scientifiction, Gernsback's now-obsolete scientificombination. Stf is still current, = sf.
Stylus - Pointed object used to write or draw on stencil or ditto master.

TAFF - Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund, to finance trips by British fans to American conventions and vice-versa; candidates are voted on by the general body of fandom.
TAWF - Tenth Aniversary Willis Fund, a special fund to transport Walt and Madeleine Willis to Chicago in 1962.
That crazy Buck Rogers stuff - Science Fiction. The Buck Rogers comic strip of old was long associated in the public mind with all stf, in a derogatory sense.
Trade - One fanzine for another, in place of a subscription or letter of comment.
Typer - Typewriter.
Typo - Typographical error.

UFOs - Unidentified Flying Objects. Flying Saucers.
Unicorn Productions - Amateur movie making group in Los Angeles.

Waiting list - Apas have a fixed membership of from 10 to 65, and prospective members must wait for someone to drop out before joining. In the meantime they are placed on a waiting list.
WAW - Walter A. Willis. Use of initials, contractions & nicknames for fans is widespread. Some established by usage are DAG (Grennell), MZB (Bradley), TAJ (Johnstone), SaM (Moskowitz), GMC (Carr), Coswal (Coslet), Agberg (Silverberg), Billern (Ellern), ATom (Thomson), BJohn (Bjo & John Trimble), Bosh (Shaw), Dikini (Eney), Scribe JH (Harness), Goon (Berry), Squirrel (Ellik, also known as Ronel). Forrest J. Ackerman has the largest collection: 4sj, FJA, 4ë, Fojak, Mr. Science Fiction, and others.
Welcommittee - Group of Neffers who contact new members and introduce them to N3F and fandom.
Westercon - West Coast Science Fantasy Conference, held annually on the Pacific Coast, the weekend nearest July 4th.
w-l - Waiting list.
Worldcon - World S F Convention, the big one, held each year on Labor Day. In various cities since 1939, when it was in New York and called the NYCon. There followed the Chicon (Chicago 1940) and the Denvention (Denver 1941). The Pacificon (Los Angeles) was planned for 1942, but due to the war was put off till 1946. In succession followed the Philcon (Phila. 1947), Torcon (Toronto 1948), Cinvention (Cincinnati 1949), Norwescon (Portland 1950), Nolacon (New Orleans 1941), Chicon II (Chicago 1952), Philcon II (Phila. 1953), SFCon (San Francisco 1954), Clevention (Cleveland 1955), NYCon II (New York 1956), Loncon (London 1957), Solacon (Los Angeles 1958), Detention (Detroit 1959), Pittdon (Pittsburgh 1960), Seacon (Seattle 1961), and Chicon III (Chicago 1962).
WSFA - Washington Science Fiction Association, Washington D.C. club, sponsoring Disclaves.
WSFS Inc. - World S F Society, now defunct. It was incorporated to organize Worldcons.

Yngvi - Used only in the meaningless sentence, "Yngvi is a louse," from de Camp and Pratt's book, The Incomplete Enchanter.

Zap gun - Water pistol or toy ray gun.
Zine - Magazine, fanzine or prozine.


Advent: Publishers - A specialty publishing company run by Chicago fans, publishing books about s-f, rather than s-f itself.
Apa F - Weekly apa centered around New York's Fanoclast group, between July '64 & Oct. '65.
Apa L - A weekly apa centered around Los Angeles' LASFS, active from Oct. '64 until now.
Apa 45 - An apa, membership in which is limited to fans born in 1945 or thereafter.
BArea - The San Francisco Bay Area: Berkeley, 'Frisco, Oakland, etc. Its fans are BAreans.
CAPA-alpha - Comicdom's Amateur Press Alliance, an apa for members of Comic-book Fandom. Its publication is titled KAPPA-alpha, or K-a.
DisCon - The 21st World S-F Con in Washington, D.C. in 1963.
FISTFA - Faanish & Insurgent Scientifictional Ass'n, a New York fan club whose biweekly Friday meetings alternate with the Fanoclasts'.
Gerberize - to unintentionally blacken the name of a person one is trying to defend.
ISL - The Institute for Specialized Literature, a fan-run library dedicated to preserving periodical and ephemeral literature, particularly that centered around s-f and s-f fandom.
InterApa - An international apa started in '64.
Multiapan - A member of three or more apas.
Newszine - A fanzine devoted to fannish or s-f professional news, usually small in size, but very frequent in appearance.
PacifiCon - A World S-F Convention held on the Pacific Coast: Pacificon I (4th WorldCon) in Los Angeles, 1946; PacifiCon II (22nd WorldCon) in Oakland, 1964.
SFPA - The Southern Fandom Press Alliance, an apa limited (though not entirely) to fans living in the Old South.
TAPS - The Terrean Amateur Press Society, a Cult-type apa.
TriCon - The 24th World S-F Convention held in Cleveland in 1966, so called because of sponsorship from Cincinatti, Cleveland, & Detroit.

Published by the National Fantasy Fan Federation in cooperation with the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. Written by Donald Franson; addenda by Al Lewis and Len Bailes. Stencilled and published by Ron Ellik, Al Lewis, Fred Patten, and Len Bailes. Grateful acknowledgement is made to Dick Eney, Art Rapp, and numerous others who have contributed to this digest dictionary of fandom's esoteric slanguage. Additional copies 20¢ each.

Second edition, 1966.

For information regarding membership in the National Fantasy Fan Federation, write Janie Lamb, Route 1, Box 364, Heiskell, Tenn 37754
Data entry by Judy Bemis