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Copyright 1970, 1974, 1994, 2012

by Cuyler W. Brooks Jr.


Preface to the Third Edition


This third edition was done by scanning the second edition (published by Ted Pauls at TK Graphics in 1974) into a computer. All known errors of the previous edition were corrected and material accumulated since 1974 added. I wish to thank the many fans who helped with additions and corrections, especially T. G. Cockcroft, Chester Cuthbert, Dan Steffan, Donn Albright, Stewart Sayah, Robert W. Chambers, David Bates, and others whose names I neglected to record.


This third edition was completed in May, 1994. It will be bound with the covers left over from the first edition of 1970. The calligraphy on the cover is by Alpajpuri (Paul Novitski).

Preface to the Last Edition

This last edition was completed in September, 2012, as a printout of the version online. It will be bound with the covers left over from the first edition of 1970.




This Index is intended to catalog all known artwork by the renowned science-fantasy illustrator, Hannes Bok, that has been published. No attempt has been made to cover unreproduced items, whether privately owned or in museums. Nor has any attempt been made to trace the published illustrations back to an original.


The great bulk of Hannes Bok's illustrations appeared in the science-fantasy magazines of the 1940-1950 period. Also of importance, however, is the work he did for books, mostly dust-wrappers, a number of sets of prints intended for framing, and a considerable number of drawings for amateur magazines in the science-fantasy field (referred to herein as `fanzines'). A number of miscellaneous items such as bookplates and a calendar are also catalogued.


It is felt that the magazine and the book listings are very nearly complete, though on a few items a lack of complete information is noted. It is difficult even to make an estimate of the completeness of the fanzine and non-science-fantasy listings.


Hannes Bok's style is extremely original and distinctive, but due to the poor quality of the reproduction in the magazines printed on `pulp' paper, there is some doubt about the origin of some small uncredited and unsigned drawings. Such uncertainty on the part of the compiler has been noted in the listing. A small number of drawings signed `Dolbokov', which are known to be collaborations between Hannes Bok and another well known illustrator for the pulp magazines named Boris Dolgov, are listed separately.


The compiler gratefully acknowledges the aid of other researchers and collectors too numerous to list. I must mention particularly, however, Emil Petaja of the Bokanalia Memorial Foundation, who wrote the excellent biography of Hannes Bok, And Flights of Angels.


It is hoped that all errors and omissions will be reported to the compiler. Now that the material exists as an ascii computer file, corrections and editions will be easy to make. Anyone sending in a documented correction or addition will recieve a corrected version. Address:

            Cuyler Brooks

            4817 Dean Lane

            Lilburn GA 30047-4720


I: Magazines


Amazing Science Fiction


Jun'76-V.50#1 - ad for the second Hannes Bok artfolio by Gene Nigra,

            uses `Image in the Pine' from p.110 of Beauty and the Beasts, p.83


Argosy Special - Science Fiction


1977 - Eternal Earthling, Walter Kubilius: p.43

            (reprint from Super Science Stories, Apr'51, p.69)

Oblivion Quest, Wilbur S. Peacock: p.50

            (reprint from Super Science Stories, Jun'51, p.32)


Argosy Commemorative Edition


no date - The Guardian Angel, Arthur C. Clarke: pp.114, 118, 122

            (reprint from Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Apr'50, p.98-99, 107


Astonishing Stories


Apr'40-V1#2 - Stepsons of Mars, Ivar Towers: pp.78, 87

Jun'40-V1#3 - Into the Darkness, Ross Rocklynne: pp.44-45

Aug'40-V1#4 - The Cat-Men of Aemt, Neil R. Jones: pp.42-43, 46, 47, 53

Dec'40-V2#2 - The Door at the Opera, Ray Cummings: pp.77, 81

Feb'41-V2#3 - He Wasn't There, Hugh Raymond: p.23

Apr'41-V2#4 - Beyond Doubt, Lyle Monroe & Elma Wentz: p.35

            It's a Young World, James MacCreigh: pp.85, 89

Sep'41-V3#1 - Farewell to Fuzzies, Henry Hasse: p.29

            The Plague From Tomorrow, Frank Belknap Long: p.75

            Radiation Trap, Harry Walton: pp.91, 101

Nov'41-V3#2 - Wings of the Lightning Land, James MacCreigh: pp. 11, 24-27

            The Man Who Didn't Breathe, Harry Walton: p.49

            Daughter of Darkness, Ross Rocklynne: p.79

Mar'42-V3#3 - Pied Piper, Lyle Monroe: p.54

            Daughters of Eternity, James MacCreigh: p.66 (maybe)

            Voice in the Void, Walter Kubilius: p.77

            The Shadow People, Ray Cummings: p.86

Jun'42-V3#4 - The Impossible Invention, Robert Moore Williams: p.30

            The Band Played On, C. Shook: p.90

Apr'43-V4#4 - Outpost of the Eons, Dirk Wylie: pp.32, 33

            Subterfuge, Ray Bradbury: p.68


Cosmic Stories


Mar'41-V1#1 - Ad for Stirring Science Stories: p.57

            Planet Leave, Clifton B. Kruse: p.77

            The Secret Sense, Isaac Asimov: p.87

            Ad for Stirring Science Stories: p.103

May'41-V1#2 - Cover

            Dimension of Darkness, S. D. Gottesman: p.27

            The Riddle of Tanye, W. P. Cockroft: p.48

            The Improbable, Charles R. Tanner: p.80

Jul'41-V1#3 - Interference, Walter C. Davies: p.35

            The Colossus of Maia, Lawrence Woods: p.45

            The City in the Sofa, Cecil Corwin: p.54


Los Cuentos Fantasticos (Mexican, in Spanish, 1948-54)


Jul'48-V1#1 - Bumerang, George Whitley: p.28

Jan'49-V2#11 - Los Moradores del Polvo, Forrest J. Ackerman

Jun'49-V2#14 - Yo, en Marte, Ray Bradbury: p.5 (cred. to `Haynes Bok')

            Back cover ad for 1949 Gnome Press

            Fantasy Calendar showing calendar cover.

Jul'49-V2#16 - Marte Coloniza, Miles J. Breuer MD: pp.26,27

            Laberinto de Espejos, Stanley Mullen: p.54

            Back cover ad as above

Aug'49-V2#17 - Back cover ad as above

Sep'49-V2#19 - La `Cosa' Anda Tras de Usted, L. Major Reynolds: p.19

            (ninth plate from `Utopia' artfolio)

Jun'50-V3#26 - Back cover ad for 1950 Gnome Press Fantasy Calendar

            showing plate for November

Jul'50-V3#27 - Back cover ad as above

Aug'51-V3#33 - Un Pequeno Error, Fletcher Pratt: p.33 (endpiece)


Famous Fantastic Mysteries


Feb'41-V2#6 - The Ship of Silent Men, Philip M. Fisher: p. 87

Sep'43-V5#4 - The Yellow  Sign,  Robert W. Chambers: pp.130,135

Dec'43-V5#5 - The Derelict, William Hope Hodgson: p.94

            The Mask, Robert W. Chambers: pp. 109,113

Aug'47V8#6 - Boomerang, George Whitley: p.115

Oct'47-V9#1 - The Day of the Deepies, Murray Leinster: pp.98-99

            Death (verse), Clarence E. Flynn: p.107

Aug'49-V10#6 - The Counter Charm, Margaret St.Clair: p.111

            The Three (verse), Burnham Eaton: pp.116-117

Feb'50-V11#3 - Strange Occurrence in Clerkenwell, Arthur Machen: p.109

Apr'50-V11#4 - Guardian Angel, Arthur C. Clarke: pp.98-99,107

            After the Atom (verse), Stanton A. Coblentz: pp.115-117

Jun'50-V11#5 - The Outsider, H. P. Lovecraft: p.115

Dec'51-V13#1 - Pickman's Model, H. P. Lovecraft: p.89

Jun'52-V13#4 - To an Aztec Relic (verse), Paul Wilson: p.91

Dec'52-V14#1 - The Coat, A. E. D. Smith: p.95

Apr'53-V14#3 - On the Rim of Space (verse), Stanton A. Coblentz: p.93


Fantastic Novels


Nov'40-V1#3 - Who Wants a Green Bottle, Tod Robbins: p.113

Jan'41-V1#4 - The Ship That Died, John Dewitt Gilbert: p.118

Nov'50-V4#4 - Cross of Mercrux, Harry Walton: pp.94-95,103,111

            (redrawn - see Super Science, Feb'42)

Jan'51-V4#5 - The Cats of Ulthar, H. P. Lovecraft: pp.115,116

Jun'51-V5#1 - The White Sands of Bridesrun Beach, M. Ludington Cain: pp.70-71

            The Song of the Sirens, Edward Lucas White: pp.72-73

            War God's Gamble, Harry Walton: p.95


Fantastic Universe


Oct'56-V6#3 - Cover

Nov'56-V6#4 - Cover design

Dec'56-V6#5 - Cover for `Story Behind the  Cover', Vithaldas O'Quinn

Jan'57-V7#1 - Cover for `Story Behind  the Cover', Vithaldas O'Quinn


Fantasy Book


Jul'47-V1#1 - Ad for Utopia Publications Bok Artfolio


Fantasy Magazine (Fantasy Fiction Magazine)


Mar'53-V1#1 - Cover

Jun'53-V1#2 - Cover (in color, otherwise nearly identical to p.15 of book The Black Wheel)

Aug'53-V1#3 - Cover

Nov'53-V1#4 - Cover


Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction


Nov'63-V25#5 - A Rose for Ecclesiastes, Roger Zelazny: wraparound cover (also sold by publisher without overprint text)

[Courtesy Brad Verter:
Bok to Gaughan, 12/14/63:
"F&SF  Cover original & cover
PRINTS (the unlettered & the lettered ones) are so different from original
that it's like Isabel [Ashley] talking to a new acquaintance & her tone
when she's talking to merely ME. Hence anybody's liking printed version
is not apt to set well with me. I have original framed beside my bed & can
glare at it & cuss it out many times per day.  I like the RESULT but I just
don't cotton to so much work for such horrendous (non-) reproduction.
"However, thank yew for them inspiring words [presumably about the cover]
& 'tis a Geoghan from Blarney yez are."]


Future Fiction (Future SF, etc)


Nov'40-V1#4 - World of Illusion, John Coleridge: p.40

            Wedding of the Forces, Polton Cross: p.86

Apr'41-V1#5 - Status Quo, R. R. Winterbotham: p.97

Aug'41-V1#6 - The Stone Men of Ignota, Victor Rousseau: p.69

Oct'41-V2#1 - Pogo Planet, Martin Pearson: Cover, p.82

            The Man on the Meteor, Ray Cummings: pp.10-11

Dec'41-V2#2 - No Star Shall Fall, Wilfred Owen Morley: Cover, p.60

            Destiny World, Martin Pearson: p.70

            Something From Beyond, Paul Dennis Lavond: p.100 (Dolbokov)

Feb'42-V2#3 - The Alien Vibration, Hannes  Bok: Cover, p.74

            The Pit of Doom, David H. Keller: p.89

Apr'42-V2#4 - Mye Day, Martin Pearson: p.30

            Passage to Sharanee, Carol Grey: p.88

Aug'42-V2#6 - The Air Whale, James Blish: p.93

Oct'42-V3#1 - Beauty, Hannes Bok: Cover

            The Inheritors, John B. Michel & Robert W. Lowndes: p.54

Dec'42-V3#2 - The Oomph Beasts, Millard V. Gordon: p.99

Feb'43-V3#3 - Dusk on the Moon, Hannes Bok: p.20

Apr'43-V3#4 - Popular Request, R. A. W. Lowndes:p.10

            The Millionth Year, Martin Pearson: p.55

            Star Comrades, Frank Belknap Long: p.95

Jul'43-V3#5 - The Man Who Saved New York, Ray Cummings: p.69

            The Stellar Vampires, Frank Belknap Long: p. 79


If (Worlds of If)


Dec'68-V18#12 - The Pawob Division, Harlan Ellison: Cover




Oct'50-V1#1 - The Soul Stealer, Chester S. Geier: Cover, p.7

Jun'51-V2#3 - Hell's Angel, Robert Bloch: Cover

Sep'51-V2#4 - Master Race, Richard Ashby: p.89


Journal of the Interplanetary Exploration Society (Santesson)


Dec'60-V1#1 - Yeknad Yowleh, Hannes Bok: pp.12,13

Jul'61-V1#2 - Grazdipple Bonk, Hannes Bok: pp.15,16,17


Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts (Yoke, Tymn for Orion)


1989-V2#4 - reprints `Powers' lithos with appreciation by Bob Canino




Oct'89 - ad for Serendipity Books, Berkeley,CA reproduces `The Powers' lithographs, dust-jackets for Sidewise in Time,

            Kinsmen of the Dragon, The Secrets of Dr Taverner, Skullface,

            Hounds of Tindalos, Castke of Iron, The Moon Is Hell, The Slaves of

            Sleep, The Wheels of If, Who Goes There?, and the Bleiler Checklist; also two pieces of original art offered for sale,

            `Two Archers' and `Fawn'.


Dec'91 - ad for Serendipity Books, Berkeley,CA reproduces `The Powers' lithographs, dust-jackets for Sidewise in Time,

            Kinsmen of the Dragon, The Secrets of Dr Taverner, Esoteric Orders and Their Work, and the Bleiler Checklist; also four pieces of original art offered for sale, `Under the Triple Suns', `Woman Holding Man', `Doctor Golgo and Cyclops', and `Black Sambo'


Aug'93 - p.8, cover for A Hannes Bok Treasury with review


Jan'94 - p.21, cover for A Hannes Bok Treasury with review


May'95 - full-page ad inside back cover for Serendipity Books, 1201 University Ave, Berkeley,CA reproduces `The Powers' lithographs, `Tarzan and Jane'; and dust-jackets for Sidewise in Time and Kinsmen of the Dragon; and four pieces of original art: `Madonna and Child', `Woman and Devils' (for Weird Tales) , `Martian' and `Thiamin' (for Weird Tales), and `Fawn' (said to be for Bok's only gallery exhibit)


Feb'96 - p.75, Skullface d/w in ad for `Mystery & Science Fiction Book Fair'


Mar'96 - p.56, Skullface d/w in ad for `Mystery & Science Fiction Book Fair'

            p.71, portrait of Elsie Wollheim in her obituary


Magazine of Horror


Jan'68-V4#1 - `Christmas angel' cut with a comment on Bokanalia Foundation: p.121


Marvel Science Stories (Marvel Tales, Marvel SF - 1938-1952)


Aug'51-V3#4 - Cover Title Contest: Cover

Nov'51-V3#5 - Cover Title Contest: Cover

            Will You Walk A Little Faster, William Tenn: p.7

            The Dark Dimension, William Morrison: p.15




Jan'64 - The Witches Cradle and ESP, `The Baron': color cover


Mystic (retitled Search, Oct'56)


Jan'56-#13 - The Mandala (article), Hannes Bok: inside front cover

Jul'56-#16 - Yang and Yin (article), Hannes Bok: cover, p.8

            (p.8 same as #13 but in blue ink on pulp paper)


Nuevo Dimension (Spain, 1968-83)


Feb'77-#86 - El Coleccionista, Eric Frank Russell

Oct'79-#116 - Artfolio


Other Worlds


Jul'50-V2#1 - Wisher Takes All, William F. Temple: p.20

Oct'50-V2#3 - The Frownzly Florgels, Frederic Brown: p.31

Nov'50-V2#4 - Bubastis of Egypt, Craig Browning: cover

May'51-V3#3 - Red Coral,Ray Palmer: cover, p.31

Apr'52-V4#3 - `People Who Make Other Worlds, Hannes Bok': by Darrell C. Richardson; inside back cover

Jan'53-V5#1 - back cover

Mar'53-V5#3 - back cover

Jun'53-V5#6 - The Thinking Cap, Robert Bloch: cover, p.131

Feb'56-#15 - cover (erroneously credited to Robert Gibson Jones reprint of Mar'53 back cover)

Jun'56-#17 - The Grove of God, Robert Moore Williams: p.6

            The Steogar, Russell Storm: p.20


Perry Rhodan - see under Books




Win'40-V1#5 - The Stellar Legion, Leigh Brackett: p.95

Spr'41-V1#6 - Treasure of Triton, Charles A. Baker: p.53

Sum'41-V1#7 - Proktols of Neptune, Henry Hasse: pp.1O4-105

Fal'41-V1#8 - The Star of Satan, Henry Hasse: p.50

Win'41-V1#9 - Queen of the Blue World, Basil Wells: cover

            Thief of Mars, Henry Hasse: p.57


Roman Fantastique (in Japanese)


c.1974-#12 - The Lost Gods, Dorothy Quick: p.106-107 (reprinted from Sep'41 Weird Tales)

            cut: p.108 (reprint of p.19, Hannes Bok Memorial Showcase of Fantasy Art, see under books)


SF - Magazine of Science Fiction & Fact (in Japanese)


Feb'67-V8#2 - p.8, Photo cut of front cover dust-wrapper of Checklist of Fantastic Literature by Bleiler

Jul'70-V11#7 - p.12, back cover of Mar'53 Other Worlds in monochrome

Dec'70-V11#13 - "Pickman's Model" illo

May'71-V13#5 - p.6, copy of next to last print in Bokanalia Foundation Artfolio #l, text overprinted

            pp.7-12, reprint of the six 1949 Gnome Press Fantasy Calendar plates


Science Fiction


Mar'41-V2#4 - Beings of the Ooze, John M. Taylor: p.39

Jun'41-V2#5 - The World in Wilderness, Thornton Ayre: p.82

Sep'41-V2#6 - The Sky Terror, Ed Earl Repp: p.31

            Master of Emotion, Willard E. Hawkins: p.65


Science Fiction (Canadian - these are lacking any indication of the year of publication. They were probably published in 1942)


Jan-V2#1 - The Man on the Meteor, Ray Cummings: pp.10-11

            Pogo Planet, Martin Pearson: p.19

Feb-V2#2 - The Stone Men of Ignota, Victor Rousseau: p.2

            The World in Wilderness, Thornton Ayre: p.14


Science Fiction Chronicle


Nov'89 - ad for `The Hannes Bok Archives' (Serendipity Books, Berkeley (CA)

            reproduces: `The Powers' lithographs, Coriell's `Tarzan & Jane Poster', dust-jackets for Who Goes There, The Wheels of If, The Slaves of Sleep, Sidewise in Time, Kinsmen of the Dragon, The Castle of Iron, The Moon Is Hell, The House on the Borderland, Skullface and Others, The Hounds of Tindalos, and the Bleiler Checklist; also cover proofs for the May'41 Weird Tales and original b&w art for The Millionth Year


May'95 - ad for `The Hannes Bok Archives' (Serendipity Books, Berkeley (CA) identical to the one in the May'95 Locus


Science Fiction Quarterly


Spr'41-#3 - Rocket's Swan Song, Vic Phillips: p.124

Sum'41-#4 - Tarrano the Conqueror, Ray Cummings: pp.4-5

            The World on the Edge of the Universe, Martin Pearson: p.133

Win'42-#5 - Into the Fourth Dimension, Ray Cummings: cover

            Caridi Shall Not Die, Walter Kubilius: p.115

Spr'42-#6 - The Shadow Girl, Ray Cummings: cover

            Crisis, Cecil Corwin: p.131

Fal'42-#8 - Brigands of the Moon, Ray Cummings: cover

Win'42-#9 - Wings Across Time, Frank Arnold: p.82


Science Stories


Oct'53-#1 - Hocus Pocus Universe, Jack Williamson: cover, p.7


SF Mystery (in Japanese)


1974-#10 - reprint of May'51 Other Worlds cover: p.116


Space Science Fiction


Mar'53-V1#5 - cover

#4 - cover (variant edition of the above - no month given)


Space Fact and Fiction (British)


1954 - - All eight issues were that year, and Harbottle says in his Vultures of the Void) that they reprint Bok art from 1940s US pulps.


Spaceway Science Fiction


Jun'70-V5#1 - Ad for Bokanalia Foundation: inside back cover


Startling Stories


May'41-V5#3 - Superhuman, John Russell Fearn: p.84


Stirring Science Stories


Feb'41-V1#1 - Thirteen O'Clock, Cecil Corwin: p.70

            Out of the Jar, Charles R. Tanner: p.101

            Devotee of Evil, Clark Ashton Smith: p.109

Apr'41-V1#2 - cover

            Black Flames, Lawrence Woods: p.68

            Calypso's Island, David H. Keller: p.84

            The Coming of the White Worm, Clark Ashton Smith: p.105

            Swing Low, Elmer Perdue: p.119

Jun'41-V1#3 - cover

            Martian Fantasy, Henry Andrew Ackerman: p.16

            Jitterbug, R. R. Winterbotham: p.48

            Trail's End, Walter Kubilius: p.57

            Mr. Packer Goes to Hell, Cecil Corwin: p.66

            The Words of Guru, Kenneth Falconer: p.88

            Kazam Collects, S. D. Gottesman: p. 102

Mar'42-V2#1 - cover

            The Giant, Basil Wells: pp.17,19

            Blind Flight, Millard Verne Gordon: pp.23,24

            The Golden Road, Cecil Corwin: pp.34,41

            The Goblins Will Get You, Hugh Raymond: p.47

            Masquerade, Kenneth Falconer: p.50

            The Unfinished City, Martin Pearson: p.60


Strange Stories


Jun'40-V3#3 - The Hydroponic Monster, Maria Moravsky: p.89

Aug'40-V4#1 - The Dead Know All, Norman A. Daniels: p.31

            The Tapestry Gate, Leigh Brackett: p.46


Super Science Stories (called `Science Fiction Novels' for the issues of March, May, and August of 1941; as far as I can determine the Canadian editions of this are identical to the US editions)


May'40-V1#2 - Castaway, Donald A. Wollheim: p.112

Jul'40-V1#3 - Europa Enchantment, Henry  Andrew Ackerman: p.112

Sep'40-V1#4 - Venusian Tragedy, Max C. Sheridan: pp.78,81,89

            Rebirth of Man, Basil E. Wells: p. 94

Nov'40-V2#1 - Dimension Hazard, Hal K. Wells: p.40

Jan'41-V2#2 - Water Pirate, Leigh Brackett: pp.35,41

            Another's Eyes, John L. Chapman: p.104

Mar'41-V2#3 - Almost Human, Ray Cummings: p.98

            A Voyage In Time, Warren F. Howard: p.110

May'41-V2#4 - Mission Unknown, Henry Hasse: pp.8-9,29,47,61

Aug'41-V3#1 - Vendetta on Venus, Kerry Lash: p.52

            Invaders From Nowhere, L. Sprague de Camp: pp.71,83

Nov'41-V3#2 - Lost Legion, Lyle Monroe: pp.10-11,39,49,59

            Pendulum, Ray Bradbury & Henry Hasse: p.102

Feb'42-V3#3 - Cross of Mercrux, Harry Walton: pp.11,16-17,25

            Spaceship from Korl, Frederic Kummer, Jr: p.58

May'42-V3#4 - Prisoner of Time, Polton Cross: pp.10-11,17

            The Missing Day, Henry Hasse: pp.30-31

            Sunken Universe, Arthur Merlyn: p.49

            The Weapon, H. B. Ogden: p.115

Nov'42-V4#2 - His Aunt Thiamin, Alan Barrister: pp.94,101,105

May'43-V4#4 - Reader, I Hate  You, Henry Kuttner:p.48

            Journey's End, Walter Kubilius: p.118

Jan'49-V5#1 - The Silence, Ray Bradbury: p.30

            The Bounding Crown, James Blish: pp.60-61

Apr'49-V5#2 - I, Mars, Ray Bradbury: p.35

            The Earth Killers, A. E. van Vogt: pp.50-51

Jul'49-V5#3 - The Hunted, John D. MacDonald: pp.52,53

            The Wall of Darkness, Arthur C. Clarke: pp.66-67

            Spaceman, Beware, Stanley Mullen: p.85

            Gravity Trap, Damon Knight: p.112

Nov'49-V6#1 - Child of Void, Margaret St. Clair: p.62

Jan'50-V6#2 - Spin, Devil, John Wade Farrell: p.81

            The Long Dawn, Noel Loomis: pp.98-99

Mar'50-V6#3 - The Wheel of Time, Robert Arthur: p.75

Apr'51-V8#1 - Eternal Earthling, Walter Kubilius: p.69

            The Unfinished, Frank Belknap Long: p.79

Jun'51-V8#2 - Mutation (verse), Lilith Lorraine: p.31

            Oblivion Quest, Wilbur S. Peacock: p.32

            Cosmic Knot, Peter Reed: p.66

Aug'51-V8#3 - Terminal Quest, Poul Anderson: p.36


Super Science Stories (British - these are  undated; date given is for US issue reprinted)


#5 - Eternal Earthling, Walter Kubilius:  p.39

            The Unfinished, Frank Belknap Long, p.49 (Apr'51)

#6 - 0blivion Quest, Wilbur S. Peacock: p.20

            Mutation (verse), Lilith Lorraine: (Jun'51)

#7 - Terminal Quest, Poul Anderson: p.48  (Aug'51)

#8 - Journey's End, Walter Kubilius: p.57  (May'43)

#12 - Prisoner of Time, Polton Cross: pp.4-5 (May'42)


Super Science Stories (Australian - undated; date given is for US issue reprinted)


#7 - Terminal Quest, Poul Anderson: p.48

            Mutation, Lilith Lorraine: p.61 (from Jun'51) (Aug'51)


Tales of Wonder (British)


#1 - Superhuman, John Russell Fearn ?


Ten Story Fantasy


Spr'51-V1#1 - The Woodworker, Gene A. Davidson: p.99


Thrilling Adventures


Dec'42-V43#3 - The Jaguar, David Goodis: p.70 (?)


Two Complete Science Adventure Books


Spr'54-V1#11 - Contents page


Uncanny Tales (Canadian)


Jan'42-#13 - The Growing Terror, Donald A. Wollheim: p.52 (reprint of

Jul'41 Cosmic illustration for Colossus of Maia by Woods (Wollheim pseudonym)

Mar'42-#15 - Dimension of Darkness, S. D. Gottesman: p.4 (reprint from the May'41 Cosmic, where it had a Bok illustration - this one might be a crude tracing of a Bok illustration. Chester Cuthbert says it is a redrawing.)

            A Million Years in the Future, Thomas P. Kelley (this is labeled `Part 5' - the serial was four parts in Weird Tales, no illustration here)

            The City in the Sofa, Cecil Corwin: no illustration (but it had one in the Jul'41 Cosmic)

Apr'42-#16 - Thirteen  O'Clock, Cecil Corwin: p.62 (reprint of p.70 illustration for same story in Feb'41 Stirring Science Stories)

May'42-#17 - Mr. Packer Goes to Hell, Cecil Corwin: p.4  (reprint of p.66 illustration for same story in Jun'41 Stirring Science Stories)

            Words of Guru, Kenneth Falconer: p. 21 (reprint from p.88 of Jun'41 Stirring Science Stories for same story)

Sep'42-#19 - Interference, Walter C. Davies: p.24 (reprint of p.35, Jul'41 Cosmic illustration for the same story)

Dec'42-V2#20 - The Goblins Will Get You, Hugh Raymond: p.2 (reprint of most of the illustration for the same story,  p.47, Stirring Science Stories, Mar'42)

            The Brain Conscription, Zan Savage, p.37 (cannot trace it, but probably an illustration reprinted from another story or this story under different title and author)

            Blind Flight, Millard Verne Gordon: p.52 (reprint of p.23 illustration, Mar'42 Stirring Science Stories for the same story)

            Portrait of the Artist's Mother, Denis Plimmer: p.59 (appears on p.35 of Flights of Angels, but where else?)

            The God of Oo, Allen Warland: p.84 (reprint of p.60, Mar'42 Stirring Science Stories, same story under the title The Unfinished City by Martin Pearson (Donald A. Wollheim), also in artfolio in Flights of Angels, just before Fox Woman title page)

Sep/Oct'43-#21 - Louisiana Night, Denis Plimmer: p.12 (reprint of illustration on p.80 of the May'41 Cosmic for a different story, The Improbable by Charles R. Tanner)

            The Riddle of Tanye, W. P. Cockroft: p.32 (reprint of p.48 illustration from May'41 Cosmic for the same story)

            The Martians Are Coming, Robert A. W. Lowndes: p.49 (this story was in the Mar'41 Cosmic, but with a Kyle illustration; this illustration was taken from elsewhere and does not fit the  story)

            The Curse of Huitzil, Leonard B. Rosborough: p.79 (definitely Bok, but story is not listed anywhere, and the illustration does not fit it; reprinted from Feb'41 Stirring Science Stories, p.109, for Devotee of Evil, by Clark Ashton Smith)


University of Chicago Magazine


Jan'52 - Astonishing Story, anon: p.13 - Article about Shasta Press with Bok logo and detail of 1948 Checklist of Fantastic Literature dust jacket art.





Dec'42-V6#4 - The Sorcerer's Ship, Hannes Bok: pp.9,17,26,35,44,53,61


Weird Tales


Dec'39-V34#6 - Lords of the Ice, David H. Keller: Cover (This cover reprinted as a `trading card',

see under Miscellaneous.)

            Nymph of Darkness, C. L. Moore & F. J. Ackerman: p.49

            Escape From Tomorrow, Frank Belknap Long: p.61 [Note: As far as is known, this is the earliest professional SF magazine to contain Bok art.]

Jan'40-V35#1 - A Million Years in the Future (Part 1), Thomas P. Kelley: pp.50-51,64

Mar'40-V35#2 - Horror in the Glen, Clyde Irvine:  cover, p.7

            Slaves of the Grey Mold, Thorp McClusky: p.57

            A Million Years in the Future (Part 11): p.81

May'40-V35#3 - cover

            The City from the Sea, Edmond Hamilton: p.14

            A Million Years in the Future (Part 111): p.58

Jul'40-V35#4 - The Dreadful Rabbits, Gans T. Field: p.36

            A Million Years in the Future (Part IV): p.44

            On Pell Street, Frank Owen: p.70

            Beyond the Frame, Maria Moravsky: p.112

Sep'40-V35#5 - The Valley of the Undead, Helen Weinbaum: p.33

            Sea Born, Edmond Hamilton: p.76-77

            Past Tense, Harry Sivia: p.104 (maybe)

            The Kings Do Battle Again, Gordon Keyne: p.108

            Announcement of coming stories, "The Shape of Thrills to Come", in this issue and through Sep'43

Nov'40-V35#6 - The Green Invasion, Denis Plimmer: p.17

            Wine of the Sabbat, Robert Bloch: p.31

            The Sandwin Compact, August Derleth: p.53

            The Impossible Adventure, H. T. W. Bousfield: p.85

Jan'41-V35#7 - Heading for Contents page, used through Jul '53 & in '84/85; Weird Tales Club heading. p.125 (I don't actually have this issue, but in several later issues this heading shows a witch stirring a cauldron held by a kneeling demon.)

            Dragon Moon, Henry Kuttner: pp.6-7,18

            House of the Hatchet, Robert Bloch: p.40

Mar'41-V35#8 - The Crystal Bullet, Donald Wandrei: p.60

            The Graveyard Horror, Thorp McCluskey: p.130

May'41-V35#9 - There Are Such Things, Seabury Quinn: cover, pp.96-97

            By What Mystic Mooring, Frank Owen: p.41

            The Phantom Pistol, Carl Jacobi: p.62

            Beauty's Beast, Robert Bloch: p.79

            The Ballad of Lalune (verse), Leslyn MacDonald: p. 119

Jul'41-V35#10 - The Robot God, Ray Cummings: cover, pp.6-7

Sep'41-V36#1 - Birthmark, Seabury Quinn: p.44

            The Half-Haunted, Gans T. Field: p.83

            Witch-Dance (verse), Clark Ashton Smith: pp.104-105

            The Lost Gods, Dorothy Quick: pp.106-107

Nov'41-V36#2 - cover

            The Mystery of Uncle Alfred, Mindret Lord: p.44

            Compliments of Spectro, August Derleth: p.101

            Haunted Hour (verse), Leah Bodine Drake: p.105

            The Book of the Dead, Frank Gruber: pp.106-107

            The Owls (verse), Charles P. Baudelaire: p.120

Jan'42-V36#3 - The Shadow Over Innsmouth, H. P. Lovecraft: pp.6-7

            The White Lady, Dorothy Quick: p.35

            Parasite Mansion, Mary E. Counselman: p.73

Mar'42-V36#4 - Hell on Earth, Robert Bloch: cover, pp.6-7

            The Garden at Lu (verse), Gerald Chan Sieg: p.47

            The March of the Trees, Frank Owen: p.48

            The Rat Master, Greye La Spina: pp.62-63

            cut `bat-winged aircraft over rocks': p.83

            The Wood Wife (verse), Leah Bodine Drake: p.105

            cut `witch on broomstick': p.111

            Weird Tales Club heading, p.123

May'42-V36#5 - Stoneman's Memorial, Seabury Quinn: pp.4-5

            The Enchanted River, Dorothy Quick: p.25

            The Dreamer in the Desert (verse), Francis Flagg: pp.52-53

            The Deadly Theory, Greye La Spina: p.55

            The Giant in a Test Tube, George Armin Shaftel: p.77

            Vengeance in Her Bones, Malcolm Jameson: pp.112-113

Jul'42-V36#6 - Dead Silence, Leonard Lee Charlot: p.51

            Poor Little Tampico, Hannes Bok: p.75

Nov'42-V36#8 - Announcement of Quest for a Noble Tiger,

            Frank Owen: p.105 (reprint of Nov'41, p.105)

            The Evil Doll, Hannes Bok: p.107

            `mouse' signature: p.124

Jul'43-V36#12 - Desert Dweller (verse), Clark Ashton Smith: p.71

Sep'43-V37#1 - Announcement of The Third Cry to Legba, Manly Wade Wellman: p.4 (reprint of p.119 illustration from May'41)

Nov'43-V37#2 - The Snake (verse), Francis Flagg: p.6

            New illustration for `Shape of Thrills to Come', used until Mar'45, also in Nov'45

Jan'44-V37#3 - Dimensional Doors, Hannes Bok: p.39

Mar'44-V37#4 - Tragic Magic, Hannes Bok: p.98

            Ad for The Fox Woman and The Black Wheel: p.36

            cut: p.54 (reprint from Mar'40, p.7)

May'44-V37#5 - Fungi from Yuggoth (verse), H. P. Lovecraft: pp.52-53

Jul'44-V37#6 - Weirditties (verse), Hannes Bok & Nichol: p.73

Nov'44-V38#2 - The Ghost Punch, Hannes Bok: p.84

Mar'45-V38#4 - cut `witch on broomstick': p.75 (first used Mar'42)

Mar'46-V39#4 - Ad for The Fox Woman and The Black Wheel: p.81

May'47-V39#11 - Ad for The Fox Woman and The Black Wheel: p.36

Jan'51-V43#2 - Something From Out There, August Derleth: p.50

Mar'51-V43#3 - Weirditties of Science, Hannes Bok: p.79

Mar'52-V44#3 - The Scarred Soul, Seabury Quinn: p.41 (reprint from May'41)

Sep'52-V44#6 - The Sin-Eater, G. G. Pendarves: p. 69 (reprint from Nov'40, p.17)

Nov'53-V45#5 - The Crying Child, Dorothea Gibbons: p.75 (reprint from May'41, pp.96-97)

Jan'54-V45#6 - Reflection of an Egyptian Princess While Being Interred (verse), Edith Ogutsch: p.105 (reprint from Jan'41, p.7)

Mar'54-V46#1 - Brenda, Margaret St.Clair: p.89 (reprint from Mar'41, p.60)

May'54-V46#2 - filler: p.34 (reprint from May'41, pp.96-97)

Jul'54-V46#3 - Back cover ad for Weird Tales

Fal'73-V7#2 - cover (with Gary von der Steur)

Fal'84-V49#1 - Contents page header: p.3

            Garden At Lu (verse), Gerald Chan Sieg : p.73 (reprint from Mar'42, p.47)

Win'85-V49#2 - Contents page header: p.3


Wings (Literary Guild magazine)


Feb'44 - Winter Wheat, Mildred Walker, Cover and 4 plates (later reprinted in Certo's Hannes Bok Drawings & Sketches)


Witchcraft & Sorcery


May'71-V1#6 - Color back cover ad for Stardrift (dustwrapper art)

1972-#8 - Gola's Hell, Emil Petaja: p.20 (from An American Year)


II: Books


The Adventure House Guide to the Pulp, Ellis, Locke, Gunnison, Adventure House, Silver Spring MD 2000

            6 small b&w cuts of pulp covers on pp.120, 160, 254, 301


The Adventures of Dwinkle, Midge Kelly, Fortuny's, New York, 1940

            12 full page b&w illustrations:

            frontispiece, pp.13,19,22,25,42,57,76,84,97,128,144

            illustration stamped into cover; dust-jacket (?)


Alien Minds, E. Everett Evans, Fantasy Press, Reading (PA), 1955:

            dust-jacket in color


All Our Yesterdays, Harry Warner, Jr., Advent, Chicago, 1969:

            p.48 (reprint of cover for 1942 hoax prozine  `Odd Tales'

            p.67 (reprint of wrap-around dust-jacket for the Bleiler

            Checklist of Fantastic Literature p.120 (reprint of cover from Ray Bradbury's fanzine Futuria Fantasia)


Alternate Worlds, James Gunn, A&W Visual Library, 1975

            p.197 Oct'50 Imagination cover

            p.202 Feb'53 Fantasy cover, Oct'53 Science Stories cover


An American Year, Hal Borland, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1946

            p.50 lithograph titled `Lazy Afternoon' (Note: two editions of this book of nature essays appeared simultaneously.  They differ in that this one is illustrated by `distinguished contemporary artists', while the other is illustrated with woodcuts by one Alexander Anderson. Neither edition mentions the other variant.)


And Flights of Angels, Emil Petaja, Bokanalia Memorial Foundation, San Francisco, 1968:

            pp.3,5,7-56,76-80,82,83,85,88,91,93,97, 104,106,129,130, artfolio (12 plates),156


The Art of Horror Stories, Peter Haining, Chartwell, London, 1976:



Art of the Fantastic, ed. by Gerry de la Ree, De la Ree, Saddle River NJ, 1978:

            d/w & pp.7-17 (p.16 same as d/w)


As Dream And Shadow, Emil Petaja, Sisu, San Francisco, 1972:

            monochrome dustjacket (front and back), frontispiece, pp.v,21,43,53,51,67,73,83,97,111,119


A to Z Horoscope Maker, Llewellyn George, Llewellyn Pubs., Los Angeles, 1943:

            b&w dust-jacket - astrological symbol design as on Heaven Knows What but without the female figure


Basic Principles of Astrology, Llewellyn Pubs. St.Paul (MN), 1962

            No author is given for this, and I could find only 1968 and 1969 references to it as a $1 paperback.


Beauty And The Beasts, ed. by Gerry de la Ree, De la Ree, Saddle River (NJ) 1978:

            dustjacket (front and back), 105 interior illustrations. Tom Cockcroft typed up a 4-page list tracing each one, but it would take up too much space.  The one non-sf source noted is for the title page, which is from an illustration for a story in a 1941 Thrilling Mystery, see below.


Beyond Infinity, Robert Spencer Carr, Fantasy Press, Reading (PA), 1951:

            dust-jacket in color


The Black Wheel, Abraham Merritt & Hannes Bok, New Collector's Group, New York, 1947:

            6 full page b&w illustrations: pp.3,15,49,75,89,107

[Brad Verter kindly send a transcription of these annotations
in Bok's own hand from his copy:
Bok's annotations in THE BLACK WHEEL:
Front endpaper inscription:  "For Isabel and Harry [Ashley] with
thanks for their suggestions -- it took nine months to give birth
to this baby, and they were wonderful obstetricians. Hannes Bok, April 21, 1948"
p.32, bottom:  "One page yanked out, by Judy O'Connor & Marty Greenberg,
because it was Merritt's notes for furthering the story and they couldn't
make sense of it -- thought it was all a printer's mistake."
p.33, top: "And here Mr. Bok takes over" with arrow pointing down to Ch. 8.
p.82, first column, 6 lines up from the bottom, there is an asterisk
after the line, "'First-footing?' I repeated."  At the bottom of the
page is the following:  "* First-footing, courtesy of Isabel (though
I'll bet she'll yelp that I got it all wrong!)  Thanks, keed."
p.95, first column, there is a bracket in the left-hand margin
extending from the fourth paragraph (beginning "Henderson happened
along...") to the end of the sixth paragraph (ending "...soon to be
opened to us."), along which is written:
 "Dialog: courtesy of Harry Ashley -- thanx, bub." ]


The Blind Spot, Austin Hall & Homer Eon Flint, Prime Press, Philadelphia, 1951:

            dust-jacket in color, frontispiece, pp.18,41,151,186,217


Bok, ed. by Gerry de la Ree et al., De la Ree, Saddle River (NJ), 1974:

            cover, `Man and Devil';

            p.6, `Gizzelstine';

            p.23-25, Grazdipple Bonk;

            p.26-27, Yeknad Yowleh;

            p.28, `Dark-eyed girl';

            p.45, Thank-you card monster drawing for Jack Cordes;

            p.50, The Primal Powers, a preliminary pencil sketch done in 1945;

            p.51, The Grey Powers, a preliminary pencil sketch done in 1945;

            p.52, Summer Night, a preliminary pencil sketch for a lithograph that apparently was never distributed generally;

p.57, Fellaticat; p.59, nude riding on a cat;

            p.60, portrait of Joseph Dunninger;

            also various sign-off drawings from letters to Lin Carter and Jack Cordes, etc.


Bradbury, An Illustrated Life, Jerry Weist, William Morrow, New York 2002:

            p.13, Imagination! v.1#8 (May'38) cover

            p.14, Futuria Fantasia v.1#1 (Sum'39) cover

            p.14, Futuria Fantasia v.1#2 (Fal'39) cover

            p.15, Futuria Fantasia v.1#3 (Win'40) cover

            p.15, Futuria Fantasia v.1#4 (Sum'40) cover

            p.15, Futuria Fantasia v.1#4 (Win'40) interior self-portrait

            p.20, Super Science Stories (Nov'41), p.102

            p.21, Astonishing Stories (Apr'43), p.68

            p.22, Super Science Stories (Jan'49), orig. art for The Silence

            p.23, Super Science Stories (Apr'49), orig. art for I, Mars

            p.28, A drawing and a "mask" painting

            p.29, A pencil and watercolor, "bug spaceship drawing, letter with doodle


Brief Candle, Emil Petaja, privately printed c.1938:

            10 b&w illustrations, two of which are reprinted in And Flights of Angels


The Castle of Iron, L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt, Gnome Press, New York, 1950:

            dust-jacket in color and, probably, front binding sketch


The Checklist of Fantastic Literature, Everett F. Bleiler (ed.), Shasta, Chicago, 1948:

            monochrome dust-jacket, wrap-around illustration. The creature on the front of the dust-jacket was used as a trademark by Shasta, in the form of a small sketch.


The Classic Era of the American Pulp Magazine, Peter Haining, Chicago Review Press, Chicago 2001:

            p.113, Mar'40 Weird Tales cover; Jul'46 Weird Tales interior for The Haunted Hour.


The Complete Robert Bloch, Randall D. Larson, Fandom Unlimited Enterprises, Sunnyvale CA, 1986:

            p.14 reduced b&w of Mar'42 Weird Tales cover.


The Cosmical Horror of H. P. Lovecraft, Glittering Images, 1991

            "Pictorial Anthology" said to contain Bok art.


Cosmos, divers hands, serial in Science Fiction Digest / Fantasy Magazine (ed. Conrad Ruppert), Jul'33-Dec'34:

            Cover; a 25-30 copy edition of the serial of this title reappeared in Julius Ungar's Fantasy in 1936 and later in the Perry Rhodan pbs (#32-#60). It hardly looks like a Bok, but is signed "BOK".


The Crystal Horde, John Taine, Fantasy Press, Reading (PA), 1952:

            dust-jacket in color, end papers pink or green and a chapter heading


Cult Magazines: A to Z, Earl Kemp & Luis Ortiz, Nonstop Press, New York, 2009:

            p.149, Win'41 Planet Stories cover

            p.191, Feb'53 Fantasy Magazine cover


Danger Is My Business, An Illustratedd History of the Fabulous Pulp Magazines, 1896-1953, Lee Server, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1993,

            wraps: p.132, from Mar'41 Science Fiction for Beings of the Ooze, uncredited


The Dark Barbarian, The Writings of Robert E. Howard, A Critical Anthology, edited by Don Herron, Greenwood Press, Westwood CT, 1984

            p.88 - Arkham House Skull-Face d/w in b&w


Dictionary of Literary Biography, V.8, Part 2 (Twentieth Century Science Fiction Writers), Gale Research, 1981:

            p.287 reproduces the covers for the fanzines Destiny 4/5 (1951) and Bizarre V.4#1 (1941)


Dwinkle the Dwarf, Midge Kelly, Fortuny's, New York, 1940:

            According to the Cumulative Book Index, this has Bok illustrations. I have not succeeded in seeing a copy. Note- Don Wollheim says there was never but one `Dwinkle' book illustrated by Bok, The Adventures of Dwinkle, on which details are given above. However, the listing for Hannes Bok in several issues of Who's Who in American Art give only the Dwinkle the Dwarf title.


Encyclopedie De L'Utopie Et De La Science Fiction, Pierre Versins, L'Age D'Homme, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1972 (in French):

            p.151, reprint of cover art for Mar'53 Other Worlds


Esoteric Orders and Their Work, Dion Fortune, Llewellyn Pubs., St.Paul (MN), 1962:

            dust-jacket in color


The Fantastic Pulps, ed. by Peter Haining, Vintage Books, New York, 1975:

            p.170, reprint of illustration for The Devotee of Evil, from the Feb'41 Stirring Science Stories


The Fantasy Book, Franz Rottensteiner, Collier, New York, 1978:

            p.73, King in Yellow illustration from Dec'43 Famous Fantastic Mysteries

            p.124, reprints in b&w of Fantasy #1 and #2 covers


Fantasy of the 20th Century, Randy Broecker, Collectors Press, Portland 2001:

            p.41, title page for The Fox Woman / The Blue Pagoda

            p.53, d/w for Out of Space and Time

            p.55, d/w for Skull-Face and Others

            p.70, cover for Weird Tales Mar'40

            p.71, cover for Weird Tales May'40

            p.74, d/w for Slaves of Sleep

            p.78, d/w for The Wheels of If

            p.80, cover for Future Fantasy and Science FictionOct'42

            p.83, cover for Imagination Jun'51

            p.106, cover for Fantasy Magazine Mar'53

            p.152, d/w for Kinsmen of the Dragon


The Fiction of L. Ron Hubbard, William J. Widder, Bridge Publications, np, 1994:

            p.321, reprint of cover for The Slaves of Sleep (Shasta)


A Fish for Murder, Edward Lee Fouts, Doubleday, Doran & Co., Garden City, New York, 1944:

            2-color dust-jacket, not credited (may also have been used on edition by Hurst, 1947


Forrest J. Ackerman's World of Science Fiction, General Publishing Group, Los Angeles 1997:

            p.96, d/w in color from John Taine's The Crystal Horde.


The Fox Woman & The Blue Pagoda, Abraham Merritt & Hannes Bok, New Collector's Group, New York, 1946:

            6 full page b&w illustrations: pp.3,19,57,67,93,107; decoration, bottom of p.25. Note: variant edition has male, rather than female figure on p.19. Also an illustration appears in Kadath ed. by Lin Carter, 1974.


The Fox Woman & The Blue Pagoda and The Black Wheel, Abraham Merritt & Hannes Bok, Arno, New York, 1976

            [I have only seen a catalog listing for this book – Robert Chambers says Graham Holroyd listed it at $100 as having been issued without a d/w. And in 2013 Alastair Durie noted that it has the female figure on p.19.]


The Futurians, Damon Knight, Doubleday, New York, 1977:

            between pp.38/39, 2nd plate is a portrait of Donald A. Wollheim

Futuria Fantasia, Ray Bradbury, Vagabond/Graham, Los Angeles, 2007:

            Dust jacket, frontispiece, 19 others [an unpaginated reprint, in green ink, of the four issues of the 1939-40 fanzine]


Go South Young Man, David Saavedra, G. E. Stechert & Co. (on title page), Hafner Publishing Co. (on spine), New York, 1947:

            the dust-jacket on the copy I have is very plain, no Bok art. There are 5 Bok plates:

            facing p.170, `Pampa  Fata Morgana', as first plate in artfolio in And Flights of Angels;

            facing p.171, `Pampa  Transition: Reptile Into Bird';

            facing p.180, `Pampa  Witch of the Winds'; (same as the ninth plate in Utopia Publications artfolio);

            facing p.181, `Patagonia  Stone Altars';

            facing p.301, `Two Aspects of the  Forest: Agerasia and the Strangler Tree' (same as the last plate in the artfolio in And Flights of Angels)


Great Balls of Fire, Harry Harrison, Pierrot, London 1977:

            p.56 ("Powers" litho)


The Green Man of Graypec, Festus Pragnell, Greenberg, New York, 1950:



Hannes Bok Drawings and Sketches, Nicholas J. Certo, Mugster Press, Circleville (NY), 1996:

            74 illos, about 57 of them previously unpublished. The limited hardcover edition contains two color plates and an original sketch.


Hannes Bok Illustration Index, Ned Brooks & Don Martin, National Fan Federation, Newport News (VA), 1970:

            `Christmas angel' cut on cover


Hannes Bok Illustration Index, Ned Brooks, TK Graphics, Baltimore, 1974:

            `Christmas angel' cut on cover


Hannes Bok Illustration Index, Ned Brooks, Purple Mouth Press, Newport News (VA), 1994:

            `Christmas angel' cut on cover


The Hannes Bok Memorial Showcase of Fantasy Art, ed. by Emil Petaja, Sisu, San Francisco, 1974

            wraps: pp.18-22, back cover in color


A Hannes Bok Showcase, ed. by Stephen Korshak, Charles F. Miller, Lancaster (PA), 1995, hardcover in dust-jacket and softcover,88 pages,

            8 in color - a follow-on to A Hannes Bok Treasury.


A Hannes Bok Sketchbook, ed. by Gerry da la Ree & Gene Nigra, De la Ree, Saddle River (NJ), 1976

            wraps: cover, inside front cover, pp.1,2,5-38,42-80, inside back cover. Mostly artwork preserved by Bok's friend Clarence Peacock


A Hannes Bok Treasury ed. by Stephen D. Korshak, Underwood-Miller, Novato (CA) and Lancaster (PA), 1993, both hardcover in dust-jacket and softcover editions:

            87pp, and about half the plates in full color. The cover from the original for the Nov'63 Fantasy & Science Fiction cover, which was mirror-image, with the art printed as intended. In my opinion the illustration on p.77 is not by Bok, but Stewart Sayah points out that it is on p.5 of Spinner of Silver and Thistle, so Emil Petaja thought it was by Bok and he should have known. And Damon Knight denies that it is his, even though it appears to be signed `K'.


Heaven Knows What, Grant Lewi, Llewellyn Pubs., St. Paul (MN), 1962:

dust-iacket, reprinted on p. 104 of And Flights of Angels


Hier, L`An 2000, Jacques Sadoul, Denoel, Paris, 1973 (in French):

            This is a book about pulp sf illustration. Bok illustrations are  reproduced as follows: pp.8,24,37,91,111,128,129(3),130,135,138. The reproduction on p.111 is erroneously  attributed to a 1942 issue of Famous Fantastic Mysteries - it should be 1953. This illustration is for Stanton Coblentz's poem, On the Rim of Space, in the Apr'53 issue


The Hounds of Tindalos, Frank Belknap Long, Arkham House, Sauk City (WI), 1946:

            b&w dust-jacket


The House on the Borderland, William Hope Hodgson, Arkham House, Sauk City (WI), 1946:

            dust jacket in color


HPL, ed. by Meade Frierson, Frierson, Birmingham (AL), 1979, wraps:

            p.141, `Pickman's Model' illustration from the Dec'51 Famous Fantasic Mysteries


Dreamer on the Night Side, by Frank Belknap Long, Arkham House, Sauk City (WI), 1975:

            facing p.163, `Pickman's Model' illustration from the Dec'51 Famous Fantasic Mysteries


The Incredible Pulps, ed. by Frank M. Robinson, Collectors Press, 2006, wraps:

            p.46, cover illustration from the Oct'41 Future


The International Science Fiction Yearbook, ed. by Colin Lester, Quick Fox / Pierrot, London, 1978:

            pp.26, 27, 331(2) (all small cuts)


International Book Collectors Directory, Joseph H. Raymond, Pegasus Press, Vashon Island WA, 1983:

            p.451, `Pickman's Model' illo in Fantasy Archives ad


Johans Uhl, author not known, Norstedts, Sweden, 1947:

            The illustrator to this book is given as `Hans Bok' in Illustrators of Childrens Books 1946-1956, by Viguers, Dalphin and Bertha (Mahoney) Miller, The Horn Book, Boston, 1958


Kinsmen of the Dragon, Stanley Mullen, Shasta, Chicago, 1951:

            dust-jacket, with wraparound illustration in color


Lest Darkness Fall, L. Sprague de Camp, Prime Press, Philadelphia, 1949:

            color dust-jacket illustrations are repeated on title and facing page. Issued with second dust-jacket by another artist

A Life in Illustration, ed.Joseph Wrzos, Centipede Press, 2012:

            color dust-jacket and color illustrated slipcase

Little Monsters, Basil Wells, W Books, Conneautville PA, 1976:
"The Giant" illustrations (Stirring Science, Mar'42), pp.6, 8

A Lovecraft Retrospective, ed. Jerad Walters, Centipede Press 2008:
'Pickman's Model' (twice, first full-page, book unpaginated)

Man of Two Worlds, Julius Schwartz, Harper/Collins, New York, 2000:

            b&w image of Jul'41 Weird Tales cover, p.53 (said to use as models L. Ron Hubbard and Malcolm Jameson's daughter Vida)


The Man on the Meteor, Ray Cummings, Gerald Swan, London, 1952:

            said to have the Bok cover done to illustrate Pogo Planet in the Oct'41 Future (in Vultures of the Void by Harbottle & Holland, Borgo Press, 1994; p.90)


Master Storyteller, William J Widder, Galaxy Press, 2003 (overblown hagiography of L Ron Hubbard) Shasta Press Slaves of Sleep

            d/w, p.63


The Monster Book of Monsters selected by Michael O'Shaughnessy, Bonanza, New York, 1988:

            dust-jacket uses `Pickman's Model' illustration on the front and another, colorized in red, on the rear fly. The illustration on p.72 is attributed to Bok, but is certainly not by him


The Moon Is Hell, John W. Campbell, Jr., Fantasy Press, Reading (PA), 1951:

            2-color dust-jacket


The New Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, ed. by James Gunn, Viking Press, New York, 1988:

            p.57, `Squatters' from The Black Wheel

            between pp.236/237, `The Sorcerer' from Gerry de la Ree collection


The Nonstop Book of Fantastika Tattoo Designs, ed. by K. J. Cypret, Nonstop Press, New York, 2012:

            pp.12, 14-44


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III: Artfolios (listed chronologically)


`Engels' Folio - A set of six b&w prints published in New York in the 1940's. Stewart Sayah kindly sent me a copy of this. Jean Engels' name is apparently associated with it because she arranged for it, but her name does not actually appear on what I have. The cover sheet simply says `Hannes Bok / Folio' in a blocky art font, and below in small print `Published by Samuel English, 233 West 42nd Street / New York 18, NY'. There is no date or copyright notice, but two of the plates are dated 1946. In March 2007 I got an original set from Matthew Samton, a nephew of Jon White.


The Powers lithographs - A set of four lithographs printed in 1945 entitled `The White Powers', `The Black Powers', `The Grey Powers', and `The Primal Powers'. Reprinted original size by offset in 1969 by the Bokanalia Foundation.


Utopia Publications - A set of ten prints first announced in 1947 but not distributed until 1948. The cover is not by Bok. Utopia Publications was directed by Charles McNutt (who later changed his name to Charles Beaumont) in Los Angeles. The plates are 8.5x11 inches with borders, except for the first two on sheets about 7x8 with no border. Originally  advertised at  $1.50. They were used with: The Haunted Hour, Weird Tales, Nov'41, p.105; The Yellow Sign, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Sep'43, p.130 (the `hidden faces' picture), dated 1943; Girl and moth-like creature, Journey's End, Super Science Stories, May'43, p.118, dated 1942; Crouching bat-winged figure with dog-like creature in foreground, Something Out There, Weird Tales, Jan'51, p.50, dated 1940; humanoid in conventional suit, playing wind instrument while holding mouse with spectacles on his right palm, Jitterbug, Stirring Science Stories, Jun'41, p.48; Man in conventional dress seated on stone block reading book, with winged serpent, said to be a portrait of Bob Tucker (also appears in the artfolio in And Flights of Angels) dated 1947 - but the same image with the name `Jack Grubel' on the stone appears as a bookplate; feline humanoid with bow on tail reading from long scroll; woman threatening antennaed humanoid with mouse sitting on her palm, Stone Men of Ignota, Future Fiction, Aug'41, p.69; female figure probably symbolizing the wind; nude female figure and four demons, dated 1945-1946. Note: Roy Squires offered for sale a copy of this artfolio with an eleventh plate. This plate shows a string of bubbles and cylinders trailing off from a group consisting of two winged humanoids and three jointed-armed robots, said to be titled `Space Junk'.


Fantasy Folio #1 - Fantasy  Fotos: This is mentioned in the September 3, 1949 Antiquarian Bookman (p.464) as being for sale for $5. The plates were actual photographic prints taken by Emil Petaja from Bok paintings and are 5x7 and black and white, but some were on tinted paper.


Prime Press--The Blind Spot/The Spot of Life: A set of prints, about 9.5x6, of which 150 were published in Philadelphia in 1951, by the Prime Press. Six of the plates are the same as the interior illustrations in The Blind Spot (see book listing), while the other four were apparently intended for The Spot of Life, a sequel to The Blind Spot, announced by Prime Press but never actually published by them. One of each set of prints is signed.


Sketchbook - A set of fourteen pages of sketches photocopied from a sketchbook of Hannes Bok's now (1970) in the possession of Jack Gaughan, plus a photograph of Bok. Published jointly by the National Fantasy Fan Federation and the Institute for Specialized Literature, and printed by Wally Gonser in Seattle in 1967.


Bokanalia Foundation - This non-profit foundation headed by Emil Petaja has published five artfolios and two single prints, and has announced the publication of a set of color prints, all from San Francisco:


Artfolio #1 - A set of fifteen prints, mostly reprinted from the pulp magazines of the 1940's, all are 9x12 inches: Wings of the Lightning Land, Astonishing Stories, Nov'41, p.11; The Colossus of Maia, Cosmic Stories, Jul'41, p.45; The Counter Charm, Famous Fantastic Mysteries,  Aug'49, p.111; The Outsider, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Jun'50, p.115; Thirteen O'Clock, Stirring Science Stories, Feb'41, p.70; The Golden  Road, Stirring Science Stories, Mar'42, p.34; The Goblins  Will Get You, same issue, p.47; Masquerade, same issue, p.50, Terminal Quest, Super Science Stories, Aug'51, p.36; The Sorcerer's Ship, Unknown Worlds, Dec'42, p.53; The Sandwin Compact, Weird Tales, Nov'40, p.43; The March of the Trees, Weird Tales, Mar'42, p.48; Black giant pushing button signed `Hannes  Bok  1939'; Girl emerging from flames  from The Thinking Cap, Other Worlds, Jun'53, p.131; Mechanical man seizing the arm of a winged man.


Artfolio #2 - A set of fifteen prints, most 9x12 inches, four of them slightly smaller. Included is `A Remembrance' by Ray Bradbury: Small crested humanoids in fantastic jungle printed in color on Dec'68 IF, It's a Young World, Astonishing Stories, Apr'41; Pickman's Model, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Dec'51, p.89; Cross of Mercrux, Fantastic Novels, Nov'50, pp.94-95; War God's Gamble, Fantastic Novels,Jun'51, p.95; Song of the Sirens, Fantastic Novels, Jun'51,p.53; Desert Dweller, Weird Tales, Jul'43, p.71; The Nervina, The Blind Spot, facing p.41; Statue holding girl, The Fox Woman/The Blue Pagoda, p.93; six more prints, probably previously unpublished. The earliest date is 1937, and is an obvious attempt to imitate Beardsley's style.


Artfolio #3 - A set of twelve prints, all but one 9x12 inches, one slightly smaller. An accompanying sheet gives names for four of the plates: Wild Madge, The Mermaid, The Snowman, and Mr. Mouse; this sheet also reprints nine small rough sketches: Wild Madge (with wings, flying amidst clouds); The Mermaid, The Snowman (shows the influence of Maxfield Parrish); Mr. Mouse (which turns out to be the February 1950 Gnome Press Calendar plate, titled `Helping Cousin Groundhog Find His Shadow' there); Puppeteers, The Black Wheel, p.89; The White Folk, The Black Wheel, p.107; The Black Horse, The Blind Spot, facing p.186; The Sorcerer's Ship, Unknown Worlds, Dec'42, p.26; To an Aztec Relic, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Jun'52, p.91; The Three, Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Aug'49, pp.116-117; Boy-angel holding mouse; Large-eared creature at foot of slope, painted with coarse brush-strokes Single Prints - 10x13-inch print signed `Hans Bok 1939' shows man climbing large ugly humanoid statue; 10x12-inch print signed `Hannes Bok 1960', very similar but not identical to the `mandala' printed in Mystic, Jan & Jul'56


The Powers - A set of four prints, reproducing the 1945 set of lithographs Artfolio In And Flights of Angels - This set of twelve prints is on the same deckled paper as the book and bound in with the text: Ship before fantastic palace; Same as the sixth print from the 'Utopia' artfolio; The Giant, Stirring Science Stories, Mar'42, p.19; Man and woman amidst flames, one of the Spot of Life plates from the Prime Press artfolio; Master Of Emotion, Science Fiction, Sep'41, p.65, Deer in Forest, signed `Hans Bok'; The Unfinished City, Stirring Science Stories, Mar'42, p.60; Title page decoration for The Fox Woman, Cross of Mercrux, Fantastic Novels, Nov'50, p.103; Kazam Collects, Stirring Science Stories, Jun'41, p.102; Mr. Packer Goes To Hell, same issue, p.66; Girl standing under tree, signed `Hannes Bok 1946'


A Memorial Portfolio - Ten color plates, 8x10 inches, 1970, $12.50.  These are accompanied by a half-height 4pp pamphlet with a photograph of Bok and a list of the ten plates. All pieces carry a copyright notice. The plates are titled Starscape, The Jewel Rider and Others (part of this appeared on the cover of the Nov'53 Fantasy Fiction), The  Enchanted City, Cat-God's Captive, Martian Landscape with Geezilstines,  Siegfried Slays the Dragon Fafnir, Woman Wailing for Her Demon Lover, Strangers in a Strange Place, Alien Rider Under a Golden Sky, and Ase on the Hillock.


Gene Nigra did two artfolios -


Bok 1, 1975, limited to 750 copies. A small illo on the cover plus 8 page-size b&w plates, said to be full-size from the original art except for a slight reduction on #7. There is a list of sources and a reproduction of a `mouse' signature. The plates are - two from The Long Dawn by Noel Loomis (Jan'50 Super Science), two from  Shadow Over Innsmouth by H. P. Lovecraft (Jan'42 Weird Tales), The Outsider by Lovecraft (Jun'50 Famous Fantastic Mysteries), Terminal Quest by Poul Anderson (Aug'51 Super Science) War God's Gamble by Harry Walton (Jun'51 Fantastic Novels), Martian Fantasy by H. A. Ackerman (Jun'41 Stirring Science).


Bok II, 1975, limited to 1250 copies. There is a cover illustration and a rough on the title page, plus 9 plates, the last in color -  Another's Eyes by John L. Chapman (Jan'41 Super Science), Half Haunted by Gans T. Field (Sep'41 Weird Tales), two plates, one dated 1950, said to be previously unpublished, Interference by Walter C. Davies (Jul'41 Cosmic), Spot of Life, intended for an unpublished sequel to The Blind Spot, The Man Who Didn't Breathe by Harry Walton (Nov'41 Astonishing), Treasure of Triton by Charles A. Baker (Spr'41 Planet Stories), Brigands of the Moon by Ray Cummings (Fal'42 SFQuarterly)


Twelve Erotic Drawings - color plates from drawings said to have been done in 1946. Unsigned except a `K. Zucker' said to be faintly visible on the original for the 12th plate. The originals are said to have been bought from the Joseph Dunninger estate c.1983 and the artfolio produced to offer them for sale at $24,000. Extremely lewd and in my opinion not very good, but the Bok style can be seen in places


IV: Fanzines (listed alphabetically by title, giving editor's name)


The Alchemist (Chuck Hansen)

            Sum'40-V1#3 - front, back covers

            Dec'40-V1#4 - `Irps Plant', p.28

            Feb'41-V1#5 - back cover


Beabohema (Frank Lunney)

            Aug'71-#17 – pp. 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33


Ben's Beat (Ben Indick for FAPA)

            Jan'96-#40 - cover from The Secrets of Dr Taverner d/w

            Oct'99-#57 - bacover cut of BleilerChecklist d/w

Spr'07-#88 - pages from Lighthouse 13, photos of framed originals


Bizarre (Jack Chapman Miske & Walter Marconette)

            Jan'41-V4#1 - cover; alternate ending to Dwellers in the Mirage A. Merritt: p.13


Binary (J. P. Patrizio)

            1964-#6 - (41st OMPA mailing) cover


Bloomington Newsletter (Bob Tucker)

            Nov'48-#7 - Shasta Press `Angel and Saint' bookplate illustration

            Feb'49-#8 - Photograph of poster for Associated Fantasy Publishers exhibit at November 1948 Book Festival in New York

            Apr'49-#9 - p.3, Shasta Press trademark and front of Bleiler Checklist of Fantastic Literature dustjacket

            p.6, part of December illustration from 1949 Gnome Press Fantasy Calendar, and part of June illustration

Jun'49-#10 - reprint from p.107 of The Fox Woman & The Blue Pagoda, p.2

Aug'42-#11 - p.2, small illustration of a mouse with announcement of Bok photoprints and

copper mouse statues made by Emil Petaja

            p.3, small illo `courtesy Fantasy Press'

Oct'49-#13 - p.2, reproduction of bookplate `courtesy Eibon Daemos Syn'


Science Fiction Newsletter (Bob Tucker)

Oct'51-#22 - photograph of fan holding original for Nolacon Program Booklet cover, p.7


Burroughs Bulletin (Vern Coriell)

#1- n.d. - full page `Tarzan & Jane' also published as poster, p.18


The Buyer's Guide (Alan Light)

Sep'71-#7 -  Two reduced cuts in ad, p.15


Science Fiction Collector (J. Grant Thiessen)

Jul'81-#15 - "Pickman's Model" cut in ad for Fantasy Archives #15.5 - same again


Chacal (Byron Roark)

Win'76-V1#1 - Christmas card angels, pp.46,49 sign-off sketch, p.49 two of the CIBA Symposia illos, p.49`Jitterbug' (Jun'41 Stirring Science Stories original, p.49 and rough sketch, p.47, both from Ben Indick's collection


Chez Ondique (Ben Indick for APA-L)

Jun'00-#13 - p.2


The Comet (Tom Wright)

1941 -#4 - p.19


Crystal (in Japanese, editor unknown)

Sep'72-V3#7 - reprint of Destiny 4/5 cover, p.3


Dallascon Bulletin (Tom Reamy)

1969-#1 - reprint from The Black Wheel p.107, p.9


Delap's F&SF Review

May 76 - cut of illo from Hannes Bok II, p.19

Jul'76 - cut of cover for A Hannes Bok Sketchbook, p.21


Destiny (Jim Bradley)

Sum/Fal'51-#4/5 - cover


Destiny (Malcolm Willits & Earl Kemp)

Sum'54-V1#10 - Come and Kill Me Earthman (verse), back cover


Doppelganger (Ronny P. Kaye, Richard Fawcett)

Sept'84-#1 - inside front cover ad for Fantasy Archives


Epigone (David Gorecki for PEAPS)

1997-#3 - Cover


Escape (Charles W. Melvin)

Fal'77-#1 - The Rambunctious Bok by Edith Ogutsch, pp.22, 23, 25


Fanewscard second annual (Walter Dunkelberger)

Oct'45 - Reprint of 1944 Le Zombie cover


Fanhistorica (JoeD Siclari)

Dec'82-#4 - 1951 NolaCon promo flyer


Fanscient (Donald B. Day)



Fantasy Advertiser (Gus Willmorth)

May'48-V3#1 - ad for Utopia Publications (Charles McNutt) `Bok Portfolio' - Back cover ad for Bleiler Checklist of Fantastic Literature.


Fantasy and Terror (Jessica Amanda Salmonson)

1984-#3Fantasy Archives ad with "Pickman's Model" illo


Fantasy Empire Presents H. P. Lovecraft (ed. anon for New Media Publishing)

1984 - "Hannes Bok Portfolio" pp.45-48 4 plates including "Pickman's Model"


Fantasy Fiction Field (Julius Unger)

Feb.8'41 - #16 - preview of May'41 Weird Tales cover

#40 - Denvention issue: cover

Sep'41-#47 - Nov'41 Weird Tales cover

Jan'42-#64 - Mar'42 Weird Tales cover

Jan'42-#68 - Spr'42 SF Quarterly cover


Fanthology 64 (Terry Carr)

1972 - front and back covers, spirit duplicated line drawings traced from Bok's last sketch book, loaned to Carr by Jack Gaughan. Back cover is dated 12/23/61 and titled `Midnite Devouring Mother'


Fool Tax (Ned Brooks) (for Slanapa)

Apr'94 - Back cover illo from Jun'41 Stirring Science Stories for The Words of Guru.


First Fandom Magazine #16 (Lynn Hickman for First Fandom)

Win'69/70 - Cover, `knobby dragon'


Futuria Fantasia (Ray Bradbury)

Sum'39-#1 - cover

Fal'39-#2 - cover

            p.1, Worry (editorial), Ray Bradbury;

            p.7, Advertisement, p.10;

            p.13, The Pendulum, Ray Bradbury;

            p.16, `Analysis' (letter column)

Win'40-#3 - cover; heading for editorial;

            p.11, Poem illustration;

            p.12, Hades (verse);

            p.19, heading for column

Sum'40-#4 - cover;

            Contents page;

            editorial heading;

            p.10, The Piper, Ray Bradbury;

            p.15, I've Never Seen (verse), Hannes Bok;

            p.16, self-portrait of Bok;

            p.17, Nineveh (verse);

            p.18, two drawings;

            p.19, `Bok's Creatures of the Lorelei'


IBID (Ben Indick)

Jan'96-#94 - cover from The Esoteric Orders d/w

Dec'96-#97 - `Death of Evalie' from Bizarre

Jul'97-#99 - `Weird Tales Club' logo on membership card.

Sum'05-#131 - cover, `The Enchanted Castle' 1946

Fal'07-#140 - p.20, "Pickman's Model"

Sep'08-#144 - cover, "Genuine Bok Original"

Imagination (Morojo & Ackerman)

May'38-#7 - cover


Innuendo (Terry Carr, posthumously)

May'90-#12 - cover, Bok sketch completed by Steve Stiles

Inter-Twygdrasil (Richard Dengrove, for SFPA 265)

August'08-#1 -p7, illo from Harry Walton's "War God's Gamble" in the Jun'51 Fantastic Novels

It Goes On The Shelf (Ned Brooks)

Nov'90-#7 - p.12

Jan'94-#11 - pp.4,5

Oct'94-#13 - p.18

Jul'95-#14 - p.16


Kadath (Lin Carter)

1974 - ?


Lands of Wonder (L. U. H. Strassel)

1970-#6 - cover, reprint of Pickman's Model illustration from Dec'51 Famous Fantastic Mysteries


Le Zombie (Bob Tucker)

1944-#4 - cover


Lighthouse (Terry Carr)

1965-#13 - Cover, pp.5 & 6

1966-#14 - p.64, two small cat-woman heads, possibly traced onto mimeo stencil


Luna (Frank & Ann Dietz)

1964-#4 - p.5, two border illustrations from 1957 London WorldCon Program Book;

            p.6, 1944 Le Zombie cover;

            pp.8-10, `Mouse' signatures;

            p.13, cover for 1951 Nolacon Program Book;

            p.14, photograph of wooden figurine and two small drawings;

            p.17, drawings for 1956 NYCon Program Book; back cover, seven Christmas card illustrations

Feb'72-#33 - p.3, demon reading book (right half of Bizarre Bazaar letterhead)

Oct/Nov'72-#41/42 - p.27, Christmas angel putting star on tree


Memories (Russell Cox for PEAPS)

Jan'96 - p.1, two cuts


New Fantasy Advertiser (Curt Phillips for PEAPS)

Aug'88 - p.9


Niekas (Ed Meskys)

Mar'65-#11 - p.36, signed `H'ster', attributed to Bok

Fal'67-#18 - p.36, angel, ad for Bokanalia Foundation


Omniumgathum (Jonathon Bacon & Steve Troyanovich)

1976 - p.64


Orb (Bob Johnson)

#10 - p.1, heading for editorial, loose insert on slick paper, centaur woman and cat-headed man


Pan Demos (Donald M. Kunde, Austin Miller, Paul Dennis O'Connor)

Jan'49-V1#1 - cover, signed and dated 1947 - probably the same as the cover for The Sphinx Child

V1#2 - cover, signed and dated 1947


Phucet (Jack West)

Jan'71-V1#1 - b&w reduced copy of Stardrift dust-jacket, inside front cover


Polaris (Paul Freehafer)

Mar'40-V1#2 - cover (credited `courtesy of Futuria Fantasia')


Promethean Enterprises (Davoren, Plant, Vadeboncoeur)

1971-#3 - p.11 b&w of Mar'40 Weird Tales cover


Pulps Illustrated (Jerry Page for PEAPS)

Aug'88-#5 - Other Worlds Jun'53 cover in monochrome


Rocket's Blast Comicollector

Jul'71-#82 - p.82, two reduced illustrations

Nov'71-#85 - p.25, Skull-Face dust-wrapper cover and spine

#102 - 3 reprints (according to Rick Minter, have not seen this)


SaFari (Earl Kemp)

Feb'65 - Hannes Bok artfolio


Science-Fantasy Review (Walter Gillings)

Win'49-50 - p.24, Shasta logo

Spr'50 - p.28, Shasta logo


S F Review (Walter Gillings)

1969-#'s 1,2,3 - Shasta Publishers trademark on book review column


Science Fiction Times (?)

Jan'68 - item on Bokanalia Memorial


ScientiFantasy (Kroll & Grossman)

Spr'49-V1#3 - p.29


SFCD Sonderdruck No.1: Meister der Fantastichen Kunst

no further data, a publication of a German SF club as listed in Colin Lester's 1979 International Science Fiction Yearbook and said to reprint Bok art


SFSFS Shuttle (Gerry Adair)

Aug'90-#65 - cover, sketch from the Siclari collection


Slanapa (apa mailing, OE rotates)

Jul'94-#294 - cover, Bill `Swampy' Marsh COE

Aug'95-#307 - cover, Bob Vardeman COE

Aug'96-#319 - cover (Dec'49 Calendar plate), Bill `Swampy' Marsh COE

Jun'03-#401 - cover (detail of Nov'63 F&SF cover), Bill `Swampy' Marsh COE


Spaceways (Harry Warner, Jr.)

Dec'40-V3#1 - back cover


Strange (Mike Zaharakis)

1970-V1#1 - back cover, tabloid-size reprint of the Fantasy Calendar

1949 Fantasy Calendar cover (p.107 of The Fox Woman)


Sweetness and Light (Russ Hodgkins, Henry Kuttner, Fred Shroyer, J. Mooney, A. Barnes)

Spr'40-V2#1 - p.4


Sword & Fantasy (no date, no editor)

c.1970 - p.40, part of Skullface dust-jacket, pp.41,42


To The Stars (John & Bjo Trimble)

Aug'83-#0 - p.30, "Pickman's Model" in Fantasy Archives ad


Trumpet (Tom Reamy)

1965-#1 - Christmas card drawings, pp.6,7

1967-#9 - cover (in color);

            p.3, Christmas card angel;

            pp.7-11, sample plates from Bokanalia Foundation Artfolio


Ventura (Phil Harrell)

1965-#2 - reprint of DESTINY 4/5 cover, p.89


Voice of the Imagi-nation (Forry Ackerman, Morojo)

Jan'40-#5 - cover

Apr'40-#6 - drawing in letter column

Sep'40-#8 (var.) - p.1, ChiCon special issue, sketch as letter of comment, ad for Futuria Fantasia, reprint of Futuria Fantasia cover


Whispers (Stuart Schiff)

1982-#15/16 - Color back cover, from the collection of David Winiewicz


Witzend (Bill Pearson)

1985-#13 - p.16, a painting of a mermaid; p.17, pen sketches of heads (probably from the Jack Gaughan sketchbook published by the NFFF)


Xenophile (Nils Hardin)

Oct'75-#18 - p.31, signature illo

            p.32, full page reprint in b&w of Castle of Frankenstein 11 bacover

Mar'77-#30 - p.23


V: Miscellaneous Items


100 Ghastly Little Ghost Stories edited by Dziemianowicz, Weinberg, and Greenberg, Barnes & Noble, New York, 1993

loose sheet for signatures has Bok illustration


Book and Magazine Collector (British)

Sep'85-#19, p.56: b&w reprint of the Nov'41 Weird Tales cover in a article about that pulp by Mike Ashley


Capt. George's Comic World (A tabloid reprint magazine published by George Henderson in Toronto)

1969-#18 - pp.14-15, dead bodies among ruins as spaceship passes overhead, pp.50-51, Apr'49 Super Science Stories

1970-#28 - reprint of 1949 Gnome Press Fantasy Calendar plates, pp.26-32


Captain George Presents (Another tabloid reprint magazine published by George Henderson in Toronto)

#41 - Seven full-page illos, including several I don't recall seeing elsewhere. Most spectacular is of three monkeys on motorbikes being chased by a dragon, with some sort of primitive electronics in the foreground from Wheel of Time in the Mar'50 Super Science Stories


Castle of Frankenstein (a `monster-movie' magazine edited by Calvin Thomas Beck)

1965-V2#2 - p.49, `Ying and Yang' mandala, later printed as the second `single print' from the Bokanalia Foundation, here about 4.5x4.5

1966-V3#2 - back cover, in shades of gold and brown, shows one man having just stabbed another, with a shadowy giant in the background - the two men have no feet, but are connected at the knees

1967-V3#3 - on cover (about 2x2.5 inch) one of the Christmas card angels, back cover, in color, shows cat-headed humanoid riding a large cat in surreal landscape

1967-Annual (Fearbook) - p.51, reprint of dust-jacket from Secrets of Dr.Taverner

1968-V3#4 - p.51, another of the Christmas card angels, used as part of a heading

1974-V6#3 - pp.3,4

            p.19, 4 illustrations with review of Bok by Gerry de la Ree


Christie's East Comic Collectibles (auction catalog)

October 30, 1993 - Items 284, 286, 287 are original Hannes Bok art from the 1940s, untitled nature scenes.  The first two have suggested bids in the $6000-8000 range and the third $1800-2200.


Christmas cards (done by Bok for his own use)

Seven such drawings appear on the back of the fanzine LUNA Cincinnati Fantasy Group, probably 1949, `robot reading Stellar Stories' in black and white from oil painting Fantasy Press Christmas card, 1949 or 1950


World Science Fiction Convention program books:

1939-New York (1st) - Fantasy Fiction Field illustrated NYCon Booklet (published 1942), ad for Astonishing Stories and Super Science Stories on back of Contents page

1942-New York - Astonishing, Super Science, and Fictioneers Inc. ad [there was no 1942 NY worldcon - so where did this ad appear?]

1949-Cincinnati (7th) - p.9, half page ad for Gnome Press Fantasy Calendar

1950-Portland (8th) - Shasta logo

1951-New Orleans (9th) - cover

1955-Cleveland (13th) - ad for Fantasy Press

1956-New York (14th) - p.39, Dietz ad

1957-London (15th) - two drawings

1959-Detroit (17th) - p.13, Fantastic Universe ad

1962-Chicago (20th) - Odd Tales cover (hoax prozine)

1963-Washington (21st) - p.17, Odd Tales hoax cover

1964-Oakland (22nd) - p.65, drawing framing memorial

1972-Los Angeles (30th) - p.146, Christmas angel in SISU ad (possibly retraced)

1984-Los Angeles (42nd) - inside front cover, `Pickman's Model' illo in ad for Fantasy Archives


Envelope for `Pick-a-book' (Gnome Press)


Fantasy calendars (Gnome Press held the copyright on the art, what it actually says at the top of the cover of the 1949 calendar is `Compliments of Julius Unger / Fantasy Fiction Field'. I have not actually seen the rarer 1950 calendar.)

Gnome Press, 1949 - seven plates, the cover and those for Jan, Mar, Jun, Aug, Oct, and Dec

Gnome Press, 1950 - five plates, for Feb, Mar, Jun, Aug, and Nov (Stewart Sayah sent a copy of the Aug plate Vacation Time Blues)



For Bokanalia Color Artfolio - same `Christmas angel' as on the cover of the Hannes Bok Illustration Index

For Stardrift - reduced monochrome of dust-jacket



Shasta Press - at least one, as reprinted in the fanzine Bloomington Newsletter, `Saint & Angel' illustration

Fantasy Press - at least three - an ad sheet dated 1951 shows:

            #4 - large-earred humanoid holding up book with foot on two other books, spaceship and fantasy scene in background

            #5 - spaceship and man emerging from open book

            #6 - four-armed creature in spacesuit reading book

Unknown Press - 3.5x5-inch bookplate, showing Pan reading book, mermaid on one side and disembodied head on left, human girl on right, looking over his shoulders

Another - done for Jack Grubel, shows a man seated on a block reading a book in the company of a winged serpent. Ben Indick says that he took Grubel toBok's apartment to have this done, and that the man in the illustration is a good likeness of Grubel. The Grubel bookplate was found in an antique store in Birmingham AL in a copy of Prince of Darkness edited by Gerald Verner, Westhouse, London, 1946

Another - reproduction of bookplate `courtesy Eibon Daemos Syn' in the Oct'49-#13 Bloomington Newslatter, p.2, shows a humanoid creature with tail and crested head reading a book underwater.


Book catalogs

Arkham House - Stock List 1986-87, Stock List 1993-94

Ken Cowley - Autumn 1996, Certo book ad

Don Grant-Jan'71 - four plates and title page cut reduced from Seven Out of Time

Gerry de la Ree-Jan,Mar'76 - from his own publications

Kaleidoscope Books - Sep-Oct'70 cover, reprint of (Stu Teitler)Pan Demos #2 fanzine cover

Apr'71 cover

Jun'71 cover

Charles F. Miller-Spr'95 - cover cut and 2 interiors for Hannes Bok Showcase (new use of title from '74 Petaja book) one interior for Hannes Bok Treasury

Bud Plant-Sum'93 - color cover, p.3 ad for Hannes Bok Treasury

Spr'95 - p.6 ad for Hannes Bok Treasury

Spr'96 - ad for Hannes Bok Treasury & Hannes Bok Showcase

Spr'96 - again

Spr'97 - 2p.19 ad for Certo's Hannes Bok Drawings and Sketches

2and A Hannes Bok Showcase

Spr'98 - 2p.9 ad for Certo's Hannes Bok Drawings and Sketches

2and the 1975 Hannes Bok II artfolio

Apr'98 - 2ad in flyer for Mugster Press Bok 2 and Hannes Bok Drawings and Sketches

May-June'99 - 2p.39 for Mugster Press Bok 2 and Hannes Bok Drawings and Sketches

2p.90 Nov'50 Other Worlds cover

Jan-Feb'2000 - 2p.4, Aug'51 Marvel Science Fiction cover

Shasta Publishers-1948 - 1948-1949, p.5 has reduced cut of Bleiler Checklist dust-jacket

Bridge - 1994 L. Ron Hubbard Library Writers of the Future pamphlet reprints Slaves of Sleep d/w front in color (severely reduced) in a collage on the 21st page.

This was reused on their Writer of the Future V.10.

DreamHaven Books & Comics

            Catalog #67, April 1995 - cut of Hannes Bok Showcase cover

Nicholas Certo

            Catalog #72 cover from the Nov'43 Weird Tales illo for The Snake

            Catalog #74 cover from the Sep'41 Weird Tales illo for Birthmark

Catalog #75 cover from the Nov'44 Weird Tales illo for The Ghost Punch

            Catalog #78 cover from Hannes Bok Drawings and Sketches

            Catalog #83 cover from Hannes Bok Drawings and Sketches

            Catalog #85 cover from Hannes Bok Drawings and Sketches

            Catalog #86 cover from "Squatters" illo, selling original

Sotheby Auction Catalog, June 16, 1995

            Items 29, 30 (unpublished originals); items 42, 43, 133, 148 (d/w art)

Underwood-Miller - Spring/Summer 1993, covers, pp.8,9 for Hannes Bok Treasury

Weinberg Books - Feb'87, Apr'90, Jun'91, Sep'91, Feb'92, Oct'96, Jun'97 catalogs



New Collector's Group, c.1948 - three weird creatures carrying books to right

Bizarre Bazaar Ltd. - mermaid holding oil lamp left, demon reading right


Logo for the Polaris Press (Reading PA), which published only two books, The Heads of Cerberus (1952) and The Abyss of Wonder (1953)

Shasta logo reappears in October 2008 on promotional material for Shasta/Phoenix, offering a Frank R Paul art book.


cover of Nov'41 Weird Tales reprinted by Ludlow Sales



`Pickman's Model', by Fantasy Archives

VI: Collaborations with Boris Dolgov (these are signed `Dolbokov')


Science Fiction Quarterly

Sum'41-#4 - p.123, Earth Does Not Reply, Lawrence Woods

            p.138, Path of Empire, Hugh Raymond


Future Science Fiction

Dec'41-V2#2 - p.100, Something From Beyond, Paul Dennis Lavond


VII: Non-SF Sources


Antiquarian Bookman

June 26, 1948 - cover, reprint of part of dust-jacket for the Bleiler Checklist, shown inside

Sept  3, 1949 - cover, photograph of Associated Fantasy Publishers Display at 1948 Book Festival in New York. Backdrop poster is by Bok


Atlanta Journal & Constitution Magazine

Feb. 19, 1973 - p.21, The Wild World of S F Fandom, photograph of cover from  Nov'50-V2#4 Other Worlds


CIBA Symposia

1943-V5#1/2 - cover, signed, two boys framed and landscape

1943-V5#3/4 - cover, signed, man in library

1943-V5#5/6 - cover, signed, monk in garden

1943-V5#7   - cover, signed, small illustrations on world map

1944-V5#10  - cover, headhunter atop jagged rock

1944-V5#11  - cover, lord being pulled in carriage by servant

1944-V5#12  - cover, signed, `Salerno', medieval design

1944-V6#1   - cover, signed, `The Doctor's Portrait'

1944-V6#3/4 - cover, signed, doctor bandaging gout patient

1947-V9#5/6 - cover, signature `mouse' as Egyptian god in background

The Daily Lurker (Lurker Films catalog)
Oct'2007 - p.9, Who Goes There d/w art

Oracle/Gnostica News

1971 - p.38, dust-jackets to Secrets of Dr. Taverner and Esoteric Orders and Their  Work, by Dion Fortune p.40, dust-jacket to A to Z Horoscope Maker

Aug'71-V2#1 - p.8, as above

Nov'72-V2#3 - p.11, Taverner cover

Feb'73-V2#5 - p.7, as above

May'73-V2#7 - p.25, as above

Feb'74-V3#7 - p.4,32, as above


The Pulps, ed. by Tony Goodstone, Chelsea House, New York, 1970

plate 64 is a reprint of the Nov'41 Weird Tales cover, in color


10 Detective Aces

Sep'45 - p.27, Welcome Home to Nightmare, Emil Petaja


10-Story Detective

Apr'45-V11#2 - p.19, Cyanide and Old Lace, Emil Petaja

Aug'45-V11#4 - p.15, Here's Mud in Your Lie, Rex Whitechurch

Oct'45-V12#1 - p.43, Bulls in the China Shop, Hannes Bok

Dec'45-V12#2 - p.56, No Lilies for Linda, Hannes Bok


Thrilling Mystery

May'41 - Candid Camera, Seabury Quinn



There is a printing of a lithograph by Bok in this magazine, I am assured by Jack Gaughan and others who knew Bok well.


Gay Love Stories

Aug'44-V2#5 - a poem (Paging Cupid, p.60) but no art


Ideal Love



c.1943 - According to the fanzine Futuria V1#2 (New York Futurians), Bok had work in these pulp magazines.



- A `little magazine' to which Bok is supposed to have contributed


The Times Literary Supplement

Friday, Oct.4, 1974 (No.3787) - p.1054, ad for The Science Fiction Book by Franz Rottensteiner uses art from Guardian Angel by Arthur C. Clarke


Famous Fantastic Mysteries, Apr'50, p.107


Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection brochure from Ward Chipman Library, Univ. of New Brunswick, Saint John Campus, March 1980 -

cover - reprint from Sep'41 Astonishing story Radiation Trap by Harry Walton


Women in Peril by Margaret Brundage, 21st Century Archives, 1992.

A set of 55 cards from Weird Tales covers by Brundage with text by Robert Weinberg. A 56th `floater' or `chase' card is embossed and varies from set to set - one of the five embossed cards is Bok's cover for the December 1939 Weird Tales


Corrections sent in -


Chester Cuthbert mentions de la Ree's Art of the Fantastic and says there is a Weird Tales `collectible cards' deck with one Bok cover. I have added the delaRee book, and data on

the card.