Intersection Membership Information

Please help us out by taking a look at our Lost Souls List of people for whom we have no addresses. If you know any of these people, please have them contact us!

Membership rates

Membership rates for adults ar as follows:

CurrencySupportingAttendingOn The Door
Through 1995Until 22 July 1995Sterling Only
US Dollars$25$145
Canadian Dollars$30$180
Dutch Guilders45270

Membership rates for children ar as follows:

Date of Birth24-Aug-80 or later24-Aug-88 or later24-Aug-92 or later
US Dollars$25$10

Please make cheques payable to Intersection.

After 22 July, both Con offices will cease to take pre-registrations. People who want to join after that date will need to do so at the door, where the membership rate of 100 pounds sterling will be payable, but only in Sterling.

What do I get for joining?

Supporting Members receive all generally mailed Intersection publications, including progress reports and program book, may nominate and vote on the 1995 Hugo Awards, and may (after paying an additional voting fee) vote on the 1998 WorldCon site selection. If you were a member of Magicon and voted on the 1995 Worldcon Site Selection, you are automatically a supporting member. Supporting members may not actually attend the convention; if you want to attend you must upgrade to an attending membership.

Attending members receive everything supporting members receive, plus they may attend the convention. Conversion from supporting to attending will always cost the difference between the price of an attending and a supporting membership.

Our Address

We need to know your real name, badge name, address, and age. Send this information with a cheque (made out to Intersection) in the appropriate amount as indicated in the chart above, to:

Admail 336
G2 1BR

P.O. Box 15430
Washington DC

Email intersection@smof.demon.co.uk