An explanation of the review of Glasgow Restaurants

Bruce Saville

Most of Glasgow's Restaurants are included on this list. As far as possible I have tried to obtain as many details as I can. I have only listed a few pubs as I know these do food in the evening or the food is quite good, but most pubs do food at lunch time with many going on to 5 or 6. Some may even go beyond this.

The Price Range is for 2 courses only, Starter & Main Course. Most people don't eat 3 courses all that often now & Desserts usually add 2 - 4 to the cost of the meal. Wine has also been excluded as has Rice, Noodles etc.

For Vegetarians I have tried to indicate how many Vegetarian dishes are available. Some times it is shown as a fraction , this indicates that they do a very small range of meals in total so doing say 2 out of 7 meals which are vegetarian is not as bad as one that does 2 where they could be 50 meals on the menu.

Number of Days: 1 - indicates Sunday, 7 - Saturday. For Hours I have mainly concentrated on Evening but most restaurants in the city centre & main thoroughfares open for Lunch as well.

Kid - This indicates that the restaurant will cater especially for Children with special menus & events etc.

Breakfast - This indicates places are open to do Breakfast as many of you might not have Breakfast in your hotel.

Handicapped -I have not ascertained whether places have good Access. All I have done is indicate Places that have bad access because they are up 2 flights of stairs etc. I suggest that before going to a particular restaurant that you phone to check areas of access, whether the toilets are downstairs, the entrances are not particularly good etc.

Book - This indicates places that are very very popular. Note that Glasgow is a city where people like eating out and even ordinary restaurants can become quite full. I would suggest that where you can you book as a matter of course. For some restaurants I suggest you book as soon as you arrive.

I have also indicated the restaurants which are particularly noteworthy with a *. This indicates Restaurants that are particularly good or worthwhile trying because the cuisine is a bit different.

Dietary Requirements - The only requirement I have checked is whether restaurants serve vegetarian dishes. Apart from the 2 Vegetarian Cafes I have not checked if Vegan food is served. Neither have I checked whether food is Kosher, Halal etc. I can only suggest that if you have particular requirements that you phone the restaurant concerned.

If you would like further information on Restaurants in Glasgow please contact me, Bruce Saville. If you would like information on restaurants elsewhere in Scotland myself or Naveed Khan can give you some recommendations from our own experience. Alternatively you can try the Tourist Board.

At the convention I intend to display sample menus from as many restaurants as possible.

Finally I suggest that if you have all the time & money then the ideal weekend would consist of

Breakfast at Cafe Gandolfi, Babbity Bowsters ,Froggies Lunch at October Cafe, D'Arcy's, The Living Room, Stravaigin Afternoon Tea at Jenny's Restaurant, The Willow Tea Rooms, Fazzis, California Gourmet Dinner at 1 Devonshire Gardens, 2 Fat Ladies, The Cabin, The Buttery, Rogano's, Ubiquitous Chip Late Night at Baby Grand, Froggies

and Don't Forget to Try at least one of Glasgow's Indian Restaurants

I wish you all Happy Eating.