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The roadworks in that area of Glasgow seem to be a permanent rather than a temporary fixture and will apparently still be there during the convention.

Amendments to the instructions in PR 7

Junction numbers are shown on motorway exit signs as a small black square.

Approaching from the west (Airport): You cannot turn off the M8 onto the Clydeside Expressway because of the roadworks. Instead, take the exit marked City Centre from the Kinston Bridge (which takes the M8 over the River Clyde) and at the traffic lights outside the Forte Crest Hotel turn left up the short hill, left at the traffic lights onto St Vincent St, left at the next lights onto the approach road to the M8 westbound and A814 (Clydeside Expressway). The Hilton Hotel will be to your left as you go down this road. Follow signs for A814 and SEC. (At the traffic lights under the motorway turn right onto the A814 (Clydeside Expressway) and take the first exit, following signs for the SECC.

1) From the North: on the A80 keep following signs for Glasgow until you reach a roundabout which has access to the new M80 motorway. This feeds you straight onto the M8 at Junction 15 in the City Centre.

2) From the South: You will travel from the south on the M6 and A74 which becomes the M74 at certain points. At junction 4 of the M74 you exit left onto the M73, following signs for Glasgow (M8). (Don't follow signs for Glasgow (East) M74). Once on the M73 take the first exit Glasgow (M8) and continue on that to junction 19 (Anderston, SEC).

Be very careful: roadworks in the City Centre part of the M8 continue to cause holdups around junctions 17&18. Another hazard is the odd design of the motorway exits and on-ramps. In the City Centre section of the M8 traffic joins the basic 3 lanes from both inside and outside lanes. at some points it is 6 lanes wide, at others only 2, so you have to make sure you get into the right lane to continue on to juc=ncyion 19. This means always following signs for Greenock (M8) above the lane you should be in.

If you approached from the south you are now at a set of lights at junction 19, underneath the Kingston Bridge. To get onto the A814 (Clydeside Expressway) you must turn right. This is a tricky manoeuvere as the 2 lanes at the lights turn into 4 lanes on the Expressway but only the left 2 of them go straight on, the others take you back north. Once on the expressway then take the first exit, following signs for the SECC.