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For more inforamtion about the Boskone convention please see the History of Boskone that is maintained by NESFA the New England Science Fiction Association, Inc.

In the collection of photographs that follows there are many faces that are not known to the current custodians. If you recognize or more people in a photo that have not been mentioned in that photo's caption, or you know who the photographer was, please use the form that has been provided with the photo to identify that individual or individuals. Information about what was happening in a photo would also be appreciated if it is not included in the photo's caption. Thank you.

When you get to a photo that you may want to copy to your system simply click on the photo and then use your browser to save the image file. Clicking on the photo will give you a clean copy of the image file without the caption and other text that makes up the Web page. Because many of these photos may be copyrighted by the photographer or by other parties, care must be taken in their use for other than strictly personal enjoyment.

The reports that are available on-line have been provided through the courtesy of the authors of those reports. These are dedicated Science Fictions Fans who have attended the various Boskones and have taken the time and effort to write of their experiences and impressions for the edification and enjoyment of others in the Science Fiction community. The moderators of this Web site wish to express their thanks for the efforts of these dedicated people.

The material in the reports has been made available for your personal use and enjoyment. Any use other than that must be done with care because the material is copyrighted by the authors.

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Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]    Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]    Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
1964Boskone 1 [Unchanged]

1988Boskone 25
1998Boskone 35 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
1976Boskone 13 [Unchanged]

1989Boskone 26
1999Boskone 36 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
1977Boskone 14
1990Boskone 27
2000Boskone 37
1978Boskone 15 [Unchanged]

1991Boskone 28 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
2001Boskone 38 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
1981Boskone 18 [Unchanged]

1992Boskone 29 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
2002Boskone 39
1983Boskone 20
1993Boskone 30
2003Boskone 40 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
1984Boskone 21
1994Boskone 31 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
2009Boskone 46 [Unchanged]

1985Boskone 22
1995Boskone 32 [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
2020Boskone 57 [New]

1986Boskone 23
1996Boskone 33

1987Boskone 24
1997Boskone 34

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