Con*Cept Boreal 1999

1999 is the 10th anniversary of ConCept, the 20th anniversary of Boreal and the 3rd time that they are joined. ConCept author GoH is Canada's Jane Dorsey, Media GoH is Max Grodenchik (Rom from Deep Space 9) and Boreal GoH is Norbert Spehner, editor. The con runs from 5:00 pm on Friday to 5:00 pm on Sunday. Weekend at the door is $30.00, daily rates available. There are 4 tracks of continous programming on literary, media, science, art and fan topics. The con will be on October 1-3, 1999 at the Days Inn, 1005 Guy, Montreal, Quebec.<

All photos credited to Sv Bell are from a promotional video for ConCept, shot and edited by him.

— Ann Methe

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Author Josepha Sherman and Ann Methe concom in the Dealers Room

The dance

Keith in the Dealer's Room

Jean-Pierre Normand in Ancient Astronaut costume

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