ConQuesT 31 2000

ConQuesT 31 was held the weekend of May 26-28, 2000 at the Park Place Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri.

Guest of Honor: Walter Jon Williams
Toastmaster: Robin Wayne Bailey
Fan Guests of Honor: Dick & Leah Zeldes Smith
Artist Guest of Honor: Brad W. Foster
Theme: "It's the end of the world as we know it!"

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Fans await the beginning of opening ceremonies for ConQuesT 31 in Kansas City, MO.

Opening ceremonies.

The ConQuesT 31 art auction raised thousands of dollars.

The balcony outside the ConQuesT 31 con suite was a popular retreat for fans.

ConQuesT 31 dealer's room.

ConQuesT 31 Guest of Honor Walter Jon Williams talks with Laura LeHew and David Lee Anderson at one of the Saturday night parties.

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