Conestoga 2000

Conestoga 2000 was held the weekend of July 14-16 at the Sheraton Hotel in Tulsa, OK.

Guest of Honor: David Weber
Mystery Guest of Honor: Nancy Pickard
Artist Guest of Honor: Lubov
Toastmaster: Roger Tener
Fan Guests of Honor: Tim & Kimber Chessmore

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Each year, Conestoga presents an original play written especially for the convention.

The con suite was a popular hangout for fans at Conestoga 2000.

K.D. Wentworth, Wm. Mark Simmons and Carol Phillips at Conestoga 2000.

David Lee Anderson did the announcing for the Conestoga 2000 masquerade as well as for the original play, "SpandeX-Men."

The luminous Susan Satterfield at one of Conestoga 2000's room parties.

Oklahoma fan Amanda Clay at Conestoga 2000.

At far left, Selina Rosen ducks for cover as Conestoga 2000 Guest of Honor David Weber fires a volley of Silly String.

Conestoga 2000 Guest of Honor David Weber at the Saturday charity auction.

Conestoga 2000 Toastmaster Roger Tener (standing) get smiles from Mystery GoH Nancy Pickard, Fan GoHs Tim & Kimber Chessmore, and Artist GoH Lubov at opening ceremonies.

Sara Hoskinson Frommer, Richard Knaack, Teresa Miller and Brenda W. Clough at the "Markets for Long & Short Fiction" panel at Conestoga 2000.

Con chairman Randy Farran plays with David Means' propeller beanie at Conestoga 2000 opening ceremonies.

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