Corflu 9 1992 Corflu

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Charles Burbee at Ben and Cathi Wilson's wedding at Corflu Vegas.

Rotsler ruins the dishes again and makes sure no one wants to wash them!

Arnie Katz, Joyce Katz and Bill Rotsler.

The Fannish Pyramid: Bottom: Name withheld, Andy Hooper, Tom Becker Middle: Barnaby Rapport, Jeanne Bowman Top: Jerry Kaufman

Robert Lichtman talking with Ted White. Joe Wesson drinking with Bill Bowers in the back.

Mike Glyer & Elliot Weinstein

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Some of the LA fen at Corflu in Los Angeles (technically in Hawthorne, about 4 miles from LAX): June Moffatt, Milt Stevens, Dean Grennell, Len Moffatt and Don Franson

Linda Bushyager, Guest of Honor chosen at the convention as is the Corflu tradition.

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