Carol Resnick, Mike Resnick, Lorna Rand, Michaele Hahn, Joan Bledig, Angelique Trouvere
n02m001.jpeg [46KB]: The Avengers of Space, Nasfic 1979, Carol & Mike Resnick. This won "Best in Show" for good reason: it was one of the funniest presentations ever! This well-conceived skit featured: Carol Resnick as Lorna Rand, intrepid girl reporter, Mike Resnick as Captain Shawn, Space Hero, Michaele Hahn as a Teratological Baroque Spawned By No Sane World and Joan Bledig as a Mime. If you haven't seen this on a WorldCon masquerade tape/dvd near you, you can read the entire script with action notes in Mike Resnick's "Masquerade" magazine. It Rocks!

From the collection of Mike Resnick
Information updated by Angelique Trouvere

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