OKon IX 1986

Guests of Honor: Kelly & Polly Freas
Artist GoH: Carl Lundgren
Fan GoH: Forrest J. Ackerman
Filk GoH: Julia Ecklar
Toastmaster: Glen Cook

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Bobbi Belknap and Dave Means at OKon 9, July, 1986 at the Sheraton Kensington Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bob Tucker and Rosemary Swift at an OKon 9 room party.

Margaret Middleton at her table in the OKon 9 dealer's room.

Fan Cindee Mason and artist Keith Berdak at OKon 9 in Tulsa, OK (July, 1986).

Author Lee Killough, at right, speaks with dealer John Connolly in the OKon 9 con suite (July, 1986).

Lisa Gannon strikes a pose at OKon 9.

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