OKon XIII 1990

GoH: Hal Clement
Artist GoH: Tom Kidd
Toastmaster: David Lee Anderson
Fan GoH: Brad Sinor
Filk GoH: Mark Simmons
Special Guest: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

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Dawn Atkins relaxes poolside during Okon 13, 1990.

Lee and Pat Killough in the hallways of the Camelot Hotel during OKon 13, 1990. Chuck Phillips in the background.

Fans congregate in "the pit" of the Camelot Hotel lobby during OKon 13, 1990.

Lisa Gannon releases some stress during OKon 13, held at the Camelot Hotel in Tulsa, 1990.

Sandra Santara in the dealer's room at OKon 13, 1990.

Susan Jones, Arkansas Klingon at OKon 13, 1990. "This Klingon's for you!"

Klingons (from Arkansas) invade Tulsa during OKon 13, held at the Camelot Hotel in July, 1990.

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