Triple Fan Fare 1969

Triple Fan Fare was a local con -- focussed on SF as literature, SF in movies & SF in comics. They awarded some sort of (nice-looking) award to their Guests Of Honor (but I forget what it was named).

-- Norm Masters

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Big Hearted Howard DeVore at his Huckster Table with Sandy Shapiro shooting a picture of Norman taking this picture.

To the left -- George Young's girlfriend Lorraine (Her nickname was "Tiger" but Steve Krantz & I called her "Tigerpuss") Norman Masters in the middle, Sandy Shapiro to the right.

Hal Shapiro, Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett

Ed Hamilton & Leigh Brackett

Big Hearted Howard DeVore, Lloyd Biggle, Edmond Hamilton, Leigh Brackett, Dean McLaughlin

Dean McLaughlin, Harlan Ellison, T. L. Sherred

Howard DeVore, Fred Cook, Rusty Havelin, Lynn Hickman, Clara Griffis, George Young, Marvin Giles

??, Harlan Ellison, Lloyd Biggle, Alan Hayes

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