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Tropicon is a general interest Science Fiction Convention that is intended to appeal to a broad spectrum of Science Fiction Fandom. It is held each year in one of the many first class hotels in the South Florida area where special room rates are available for convention attendees.

The first Tropicon was held in 1982 in conjunction with that year's International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts in Boca Raton, Florida. It was run by a small but dedicated group of science fiction fans headed by Joe Siclari and Edie Stern. In addition to Joe and Edie there was Judy Bemis, Diane Goldman, Tony Parker, Becky Peters, David Singer, and Sue Trautman.

Subsequent Tropicons were put on as independent entities with many of the same people performing the multitude of tasks that make such undertakings a success. In 1985 this same group of people formed the South Florida Science Fiction Society and SFSFS formally took over the sponsorship of Tropicon. SFSFS has been the sponsor for all Tropicons since 1985 and will, we hope, continue with this worthwhile activity for the foreseeable future.

For additional information please visit Tropicon's Homepage.

The South Florida Science Fiction Society is a nonprofit literary society recognized by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

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Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]    Year Title [Unchanged] [Unchanged]
1982Tropicon I

1993Tropicon XI

1983Tropicon II [Unchanged]

1994Tropicon XII [Unchanged] [Revised]
1984Tropicon III [Unchanged]

1995Tropicon XIII

1985Tropicon IV [Unchanged]

1996Tropicon XIV [Unchanged]

1986Tropicon V [Unchanged]

1996Tropicon XV [Unchanged]

1987Tropicon VI [Unchanged]

1997Tropicon XVI [Unchanged]

1988Tropicon VII [Unchanged]

1998TropiCon XVII [Unchanged]

1989Tropicon VIII [Unchanged]

1999Tropicon XVIII [Unchanged]

1990Tropicon IX [Unchanged]

2000Tropicon XIX [Revised]

1991Tropicon X [Unchanged]

2001Tropicon XX [Unchanged]

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