TusCon 5

TusCon 5 -- "NonCon" (there was no TusCon V)

A note of explanation here: There was no TusCon held in 1977 or 1978 due to the intrusion of the 36th World Science Fiction Convention, Iguanacon, held in Phoenix over Labor Day Weekend, 1978. Both Jim and I had already committed to working on "Iggy" back in the Winter of 1975-76 -- he as head of the Hugo Awards department and programming, and I as head of memberships and registration. After that experience we gafiated. See Weird Words or Dr. Gafia's Fan Terms for the definition of "to gafiate". Sharon Maples, before chairing the two following TusCons (1979 & 1980), was to get her feet wet as treasurer of Iggy(!) and thus hadn't burned out quite yet. As a footnote, Jim reminded me that giving the non-existing 'TusCon V' a number was a running joke for some years thereafter - anyone reading this who is a fan totally understands. (grin)

Carol De Priest

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