TusCon 25 1998

TusCon 25 ("Silver Anniversary") Nov 6-8, 1998
GoH: Fred Saberhagen
Artist GoH: Ellisa Mitchell
FGoH: Julie Hamann
TM: Mike Stackpole (who replaced Ed Bryant due to Ed's illness)
Chair Entity: Sue Thing
At-the-door membership: $35.00
Location: Executive Inn

TusCon XXV badge (1998) Artwork by Gary Hayes, © 1999

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Program Book

War of the Worlds cake celebrating the 100th anniversary of the book's publication.

Gloria McMillan looking proudly on the cake's unveiling in the ConSuite.

Jan Lockett and Curt Stubbs, with the cake and goodies on the table.

Wolf Forrest munching while Gay Miller looks speculatively at the food he's trying.

Uncle Wolfie wielding knife at the cake.

And the cake receives the coup de grace.

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