TusCon 31 2004

TusCon 31 -- Nov 5-7, 2004
Fantasy GoH: Barbara Hambly
SF & Science author/artist GoH: William K. Hartmann
FGoH: Carol De Priest (yeah, that's me!)
TM: Ed Bryant
Other guests: Adam Niswander, Doreen & Jim Webbert, Bruce Farr
Boss Lady: Sue Thing
At-the-door membership: $45.00
Location: InnSuites Hotel

TusCon XXXI badge - Copyright Gary Hayes 2004

The actual badge measures 2" X 4" so this rendition is somewhat oversized.

For Tuscon XXXI here were two badges - one for general membership and one for the con-committee. This is the general membership version.

Please click on the Thumbnail to view the full sized photo. Thank you.

TusCon XXXI Program Book cover (2004) Artwork by William K. Hartmann, ® (Program Books measure 5 1/2" by 8 1/2")

TusCon XXXI badge (2004) for the for the con-committee. Artwork by Gary Hayes, 2004

A visit by the "long-lost" Bruce ("Hey, ma, look what the cat dragged in!") Farr, fresh from World Fantasy Con in Phoenix the week before.

A jovial Nora Rankin.

Buddies Paul Edwards and Doreen Webbert saluting getting through one more TusCon.

Gannd, blademaster, and friend at a panel that didn't happen.

Yvette Tang, about to leave. Adieu for another year.

Perennial toastmaster Ed Bryant on his way to the final panel of the con.

Ed and Brian Gross at a panel discussion.

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