TusCon 33 2006

TusCon 33 -- Nov 10-12, 2006
Co-GoH: Emma Bull and Will Shetterly
TM: Ed Bryant
Chair: Sue Thing
At-the-door membership: $45.00
Total number of memberships: 311
Location: InnSuites Hotel

Sadly, Carol De Priest's photos for TusCon XXXIII were lost. If anyone has some they wouldn't mind sharing, please email her at depriest3.nospam@cox.net (withouth the ".nospam") and she'd love to include them, with credit to the photographer and/or collector of course. Thanks much.

TusCon XXXIII badge (2006) Artwork by Gary Hayes, ® 2006 Badge measures 2" x 4" (Photo by Carol De Priest)

Please click on the Thumbnail to view the full sized photo. Thank you.

Program Book cover, artwork by Deb Dedon

Badge 1, artwork by Gary Hayes

Badge 2, artwork by Gary Hayes

Badge 3, artwork by Gary Hayes

Badge 4, artwork by Gary Hayes

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