TusCon 34 2007

TusCon 34 -- Nov 09-11, 2007
Author GoH: John Ringo
TM: Ed Bryant - Note: Ed was unable to come due to illness. Substituting for him was the stalwart Weston Ochse.
Other guests: Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, and others too numerous to mention.
Eternal Chair-Shade: Sue Thing
At-the-door membership: $45.00
Total number of memberships: 326
Location: InnSuites Hotel
TusCon XXXIV badge (2007) Artwork 2007 Badge measures approximately 2" by 4"

(Art by Gary Hayes) (Provided by Carol De Priest)

Please click on the Thumbnail to view the full sized photo. Thank you.

TusCon XXXIV Program Book cover (2007) Artwork 2007 (Program Books measure 5 1/2" by 8 1/2")

Steve Martindale and Adam Niswander on the patio.

Chris Niswander, no relationship to Adam, at the same table.

Scott Glener, committee member with Programming, also at the table.

Sue Thing, Eternal Chair-Shade, with husband Eric a shade in the background. The green tendrils you see to either side of Sue are wonderful special effects (unintentionally!) brought about by the camera of yours truly.

Selection of the fine wines available for tasting.

Jeff Jennings having a discussion with someone out of sight.

Hostess Yvette Tang cleaning up at the end of the Tasting.

Kevin McAlonan and Laura Pagan trying to figure out how to finish the last of the wine.

Emma Bull at the Wine & Cheese Tasting Saturday evening.

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