Fan Artist - Lee Hoffman

Lee Hoffman is mostly known in fannish circles as a fan writer and the editor of Quandry, FanHistory, and the longest continuously published fanzine with a semi-decenial schedule, Science Fiction Five-Yearly. She was the Fan Guest of Honor for the 1982 Worldcon, Chicon IV. And she is the author of over 25 novels, science fiction westerns, and historical romance.

Lee was also know for her Lil Peepul cartoons which evocatively portrayed every type of fannish activity. For nearly 50 years the Lil Peepul have appeared in numerous fanzines. Less know is some of her more serious artwork. Here is a selection of both which we hope to continue to expand.

-- Joe Siclari

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On Your Head

Sleeping Fan

Unplugged Computer

Zap Fan

untitled, circa 1953

untitled from Shakespeare, March 1952

St. George & the Dragon, 1963

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