Fan Artist - Fred Phillips

Fred Phillips (a New York fan) was the No-Eyed Monster's major artist during the latter half of the 1960's -- from its 5th through its 19th (and final) issue. How many other fanzines his art appeared in is unknown.

He was a member of Creative Anachronism, a friend of John Boardman, and a devoted Lovecraftian, writing a number of pieces of speculative sercon scholarship upon H. P. Lovecraft and his works. He also wrote science fiction, fantasy, and verse for NEM, and some highly creative and thought-provoking epistles.

Circa 1965 to 1968

Scans and information provided by Norman E. Masters

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First Letter From Fred Phillips,
July 19, 1965

Beanie Fan and Moonies

Mad Scientist

Authenticity Palpability Reality

Fredzetta's Conan

Tea With A Demon

Hero, Monster, Bare-Chested Woman

Octopoid Alien, Spaceman

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