The customs officer at the J. F. Kennedy airport, New York,
 opened my case and looked in at the envelopes that filled it. I
 could see his mind boggle.   He was probably wondering what sort
 of nut would bring a case full of envelopes into America instead
 of clothes.   I began to wonder Just how I was going to explain how
 I was taking two hundred and fifty 'London in'65' Progress reports
 seven thousand. miles in my case, as a favour to Ella Parker.   He
 lifted. one of the envelopes up, looked at it then at me.   I cou-
 ghed slightly and said, "Uh, a Convention, in London, in 1965.      
 Ella Parker says"   At the mention of Ella he seemed to shrink     
 slightly, dropped the envelope back with the rest, closed the case
 and waved me on, or away.   I picked up the case and walked through
 the glass swing doors into America.                                 
      It was three pm Eastern standard time Saturday the 22nd August
 1964.   Seven hours before at ten am British Summer time I had      
 swung my case from the platform of a bright red double-decker London
 bus and made my way through the Saturday morning crowds around the
 Victoria train terminal in the heart of London towards the British
 Overseas Airways building a hundred yards down the road, where,     
 according to the ticket in my pocket, BOAC flight 503 was waiting
 to take me three thousand miles across the Atlantic to the United
 States of America. I was the Taff delegate to the 1964 22nd World
 Science Fiction Convention that was to take place over Labor Day
 weekend in Oakland, California.   I had four weeks to make the trip
 in, and would be travelling across  America and back again.