the "Dammit". Because "Dammit,
something else had gone wrong with
it!" However, it took us across
to the Ellik/Lewis house in jig
time, where we picked up Nick and
Mike, and went on a tour of Bever-
ley Hills, palm tree lined streets,
Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard,Graumans
Chinese Theatre; they hadn't any
wet cement that day, so we just
looked. Then wanting to see 77
Sunset and Dinos, caused Bruce to
pick up a parking ticket. From
there, we went on to Forry Ackerman's
house, a must on any fan tour of
LA. Forry greeted us at the door.
The same, gentle ever smiling Forry of the London'57 Worldcon. Ob-
viously delighting in showing fans around his fabulous fantastic
home. As Mike remarked in an awed voice when we were halfway through
the tour. "You mean they're asking us to believe all this!" There
were books, books, and more books. Where there weren't books there
were magazines, or paintings or
film posters, or plaques, and
awards, or film stills, or robots,
Robots that lit up, robots that
flashed, dinky little robots,
huge menacing robots, funloving
robots, robots with smiles, robots
with friends, robots in cars.
And amongst the robots were mon-
sters. Plastic monsters, rubber
monsters, monsters that's trousers
fell down. And around them were
more kooks, magazines, signed
photographs of famous actors,
masks, more paintings, original
magazine covers, rare editions
of books, whole issues of magazines,
and the walls were covered, and
the floors were covered with
books, magazines, models, paint-
ings, film posters, movie stills
through which wended small gang-
ways that led you to steps down
past more books and up stairs past more magazines with the walls
hidden by paintings, sketches, posters, photographs, in the wonder-
ful world of Forrest J. Ackerman and science fiction.