Sunday morning started at eleven o'clock. Bruce woke me up and
said "Right, now you go to Marineland." I had in fact, arranged
this with Al Lewis at the party, Bruce and Dian were going to visit
Dian's parents, and Al had suggested I might like to see Marineland.
He rolled up in the econoline shortly after eleven o'clock with Nick
and Don Simpson. We picked up Sylvia Dees on the way. Everybody
in the econoline had been up all night, at what had been a fairly
hectic party, but seemed to be bearing up well, including myself.
Sylvia and I talked of the far off heydays, when she was publishing
her fanzine FlaFan, and John Berry and myself were churning out
Retribution. I told Sylvia how John and I had wrangled over who was
to have the photo she'd sent of her self in playshorts and bikini
top, as a sub to Ret'. It was another wonderfully warm day.
Marineland looked good, with the profusion of palm trees, cacti, and
tropical plants laid out in its grounds. We met up with Bill
Mallardi, Bill Bowers, Alex Eisenstein and Fred Patten. To roam
around as a group looking at everything. This included two very